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Hei! Olen Brian ja työskentelen Fujitsulla.

Varmistan, että mottomme #dontworryWORKhappy toimii pohjana kaikelle tekemisellemme. Me Fujitsulla hyödynnämme teknologiaa takaaksemme onnellisen elämän. Mikä tekee sinun tiimisi onnelliseksi töissä?


Paras laite käytössäsi. Aina!

Asiantuntijamme auttavat oikean laitteen valinnassa: Oli se sitten kannettava tai työpöytäratkaisu. Valikoimaamme kuuluvat ESPRIMO-pöytäkoneet, FUTRO -Thin Clientit, CELSIUS-tehotyöasemat, LIFEBOOK-kannettavat ja STYLISTIC-tabletit. Japanilainen ja saksalainen teknologiamme ja insinöörityömme varmistaa parhaan mahdollisen laadun tuotteille.

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Markkinoiden ensimmäinen tablettitietokone

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Ensimmäinen yritystarpeisiin suunniteltu Ultrabook

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30 vuoden kokemus työasematuotteista

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40 vuotta täyteen Fujitsun PC-laitteita


IT-palvelut – tuotamme arvoa ja tulosta

The right device makes everything work. There is no such thing as one device that will leverage the power of the cloud or your internal applications. Just the right device for each user and each situation and task.

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Give your workplace devices the “as-a-service” treatment. And free yourself from the burden of managing PC deployments across your business.

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Free your people to collaborate more, be more productive, and importantly be happier. We enable them to focus on creating real value while being part of a new and resilient organizational culture.

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Tutustu kattavaan tuotevalikoimaamme, joka suunnitellaan yrityksesi tarpeita varten.

Thin Clients
Thin Clientit
Future Workplace
Future Workplace
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Where do you want to work today? In the office or at home? Are you on the train or the plane? No problem, our LIFEBOOK notebooks support you and your work wherever you need them. With outstanding performance, exceptional security features and perfect connectivity. Get to know our products.

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Break yourself free from what is holding you back! Stop wasting time caused by mundane stuff. You can work anywhere and anytime, completely digitalized: In the office or on the go, seamlessly with the right Tablet devices from Fujitsu. Signing contracts, taking notes, execute your tasks – flexibility has never been that easy.

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Climate change has become a real problem for the world today. Reducing carbon footprint, along with meeting the aggressive business performance remains an ongoing challenge for enterprises. Fujitsu ESPRIMO Desktops are the most energy-efficient desktop PCs in the market today with heavy computing performance needed to reshape your business performance. The desktops are also smartly built to be 4 times quieter, in a space-saving design which makes them the perfect solution to provide the enhanced performance.

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Time is the ultimate currency in this ever-changing technologically driven world. Engineers and creative professionals today need reliable machines to efficiently work with visual & compute-intensive workloads. Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations provide reliable compute and graphics power to accelerate workflows, eliminate performance bottlenecks and save time, allowing you to focus your creative energy where it matters most.

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Thin Clients


Find out more about our Thin Client portfolio of powerful devices with an optimal mix of industry leading OS and Thin Client device management consoles, ISV protocols and highly flexible hardware options.

We provide secure computing and full productivity options for your employees for creating the workplace of the future.

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Fujitsu Displays

You work a lot every day sitting down and in front of a display and the ergonomics of your workplace are therefore very important to you? At Fujitsu, we know that workplace design today is strongly influenced by the quality and arrangement of displays. Many aspects need to be considered to design an ergonomic and appealing workplace. These range from resolution, number of interfaces, height adjustment to camera and built-in port replicator. Meet the whole range of our FUJTISU displays.

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Essential Assistants

Whether on the move, at the desk, in the office or at home: Each working scenario has its own requirements. Starting with the secure transport of precious hardware, access protection, optimum ergonomics for long-term working sessions or connectivity for changing locations – just to name a few. Fujitsu meets all these demands with a great accessory portfolio.

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Future Workplace

Smart portfolio

When it comes to how a modern workplace should look like, demands and expectations are becoming more difficult and individuality plays a central role. Therefore, meeting all individual requirements for both productivity and health presents a challenge. Our thoughtful Smart Workplace portfolio enables you to set up a unified, clear workplace for flexible and successful work.

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Individualized Devices

Benefit from Fujitsu’s Hardware-, Software and Add-On Services, safe time, and money to make your business more efficient. You can choose individualized devices which perfectly fit your specific IT environment. To simplify complex procedures, you can count on a single point of contact – we take care.

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Security & Manageability

Numerous companies and public authorities, which became target of cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication. This not only compromises the IT systems, but also leaks company secrets, IPs, identities and other confidential data. Fujitsu’s versatile portfolio combines unique security elements and solutions helping you to safeguard your organization and people."

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Industry IT services, solutions, and technology

Fujitsu is a world-leading IT services, solutions, and technology provider with extensive experience designing, building, and deploying IT systems, services, and digital solutions for both public and private sector customers from retail and healthcare to financial services and automotive.

Introducing Windows 11 – The next evolution of Windows is coming!

Powerful for employees. Consistent for IT. Secure for all. A simple, powerful UX helps improve employee productivity and focus. App compatibility and cloud management make adoption easy. A Zero Trust-ready OS helps protect data and access, wherever business takes you.

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Be agile

Combination of Japanese and German engineering excellence with high quality standard.
Built-in reliability from design to production.
All devices are thoroughly tested to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Improve cash flow

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do at Fujitsu. Our products are built for convenience with thoughtful features to increase ease of use and productivity. With our made4you initiative, we offer tailor-made IT solutions to fulfil individual customer demands.


PalmsecureTM is Fujitsus patented palm vein recognition technology that is more robust and secure than traditional smart card, fingerprint, iris and voice authentication method.

Keep consumption transparent

Excellent service partner network, with superior support and 24/7 availability with worldwide service centers.

Minimize admin

Fujitsu provides a broad portfolio of intelligent security offerings backed by the best-of-breed technologies that enable organizations prepare for and respond to security challenges. Alongside consulting and managed services, we also develop and provide our own security products such as, Fujitsu PalmsecureTM for Identity and Access Management, based on Fujitsu’s unique biometric palm vein recognition.


Digital workplace

Unleash your people to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

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Corporate social responsibility

Driving a trusted future also means increasing transparency to our customers. Therefore, we will provide you with our latest corporate audits and additional insights on corporate social responsibility and sustainability including the assessment of Fujitsu's product carbon footprint and its greenhouse gas emission in the transportation of client computing devices.

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