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Fujitsu's leadership in research, development and state-of-the-art manufacturing enables the delivery of quality storage products, with performance and reliability levels that rival any in the world.

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Your mission-critical enterprise information is protected, accessed quickly, and available when needed with storage management solutions from Fujitsu.
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Latest News

April 10, 2014  Sunnyvale, CA
Fujitsu Helps Businesses Cope With Continual Data Growth

Sunnyvale, CA, April 10, 2014 – Fujitsu today announces a new high-density and easy-to-use storage subsystem to help businesses – from SMBs to major datacenter hosts – optimize their ICT systems from end to end. The new FUJITSU ETERNUS® JX60 storage system is an ideal extension for servers like the FUJITSU PRIMERGY® server systems. For those with a limited budget or lacking administrative experience, or for datacenter farms managing massive amounts of data, the ETERNUS JX60 offers low investment cost and easy handling. It also provides the capacity to flexibly support different disk sizes with 2TB, 3TB and 4TB options. The new storage system also offers basic data protection with built-in resilience and can be managed via the standard FUJITSU ServerView® software.

April 2, 2014  Sunnyvale, CA
All-Flash Edition of ETERNUS DX200 Sets New In-Class Price-Performance Standards

Sunnyvale, CA, April 2, 2014 – Fujitsu today announces a new all-flash edition of its ETERNUS® DX200 S3 online storage system, which sets new standards in terms of price-performance for databases, business applications, business analytics tasks and server or desktop virtualization environments that require very high data performance.

January 30, 2014  Sunnyvale, CA
Entry-Level Fujitsu Business-Centric Storage Delivers Breakthrough in Enterprise-Class Performance Levels

Sunnyvale, CA, January 30, 2014 – Fujitsu today announces that its entry-level ETERNUS DX200 S3 flexible modular disk storage systems are able to deliver enterprise-class performance levels, taking the crown as the world's fastest data retrieval and access speeds in the mid-range Dual Controller Storage Arrays sector.