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Case Studies

At Fujitsu we create strong partnerships with our customers, enabling us to work together to find innovative solutions to business challenges. Take a look at our complete list of case studies to find out more about how we can help your business.

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Search by Category

  • The new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure including Thin Clients makes the sales staff of East Japan Marketing and Communications more efficient and clients happy
    "Converting computers into thin clients establishes a secure remote access environment – a work style innovation that makes sales staff more efficient."
  • Kopenhagen Fur saves energy and space by a host and virtual server infrastructure which furthermore runs five times faster than before
    "Fujitsu was selected to supply Kopenhagen Fur’s new server infrastructure, consisting of a combination of blade servers: 10 host servers and 200–250 virtual servers."
  • FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres helps the Environment Agency to reach more people in the event of severe weather by exploiting new and emerging communications channels
    The Environment Agency replaced its aging Floodline Warnings Direct system with a new cloud-based Fujitsu solution that can reach more people quickly in emergencies.
  • Offering a near real-time disaster recovery system, PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN enables Multipartner to ensure increasingly efficient service level agreements for customers
    Multipartner selects Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN to support increasing workloads and ensure increasingly efficient service level agreements for customers.
  • ConnectedLife uses the Resident Monitoring Solution to detect behavior anomalies of elderly people
    "ConnectedLife partners with Fujitsu to integrate Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE Resident Monitoring Solution into a cloud-connected eldercare platform."
  • Artificial Intelligence Solution helps Siemens Gamesa to accelerate inspection of turbine blades
    Siemens Gamesa partners with Fujitsu to co-create an Artificial Intelligence platform that can identify flaws during quality checks more quickly.
  • Kimplas Piping Systems gets a new level of service for SAP operations, and also full compliance with the Goods and Service Tax
    Kimplas partnered with Fujitsu to deploy a new SAP Services platform that now underpins the business and makes the generation of reports and invoices simple.
  • Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics accelerates database-intensive applications by migrating the ERP landscape to a virtualized SAP HANA environment.
    Fujitsu migrates Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics’ existing SAP ERP® landscape to a virtualized SAP HANA system environment.
  • All SAP and HANA systems at Berlin Hyp had been migrated to the high-secure Fujitsu data center
    Berlin Hyp chooses Fujitsu as its new data center operator due to the company’s high level of flexibility and excellent value for money.
  • Nursing and Therapy Services of Colorado
    Fujitsu helps nurses and therapists in Colorado spend more time with their patients and improve overall performance and satisfaction.
  • Tokio Marine Asia benefits from the new round-the-clock incident resolution enabling furthermore compliance with regulations
    "Tokio Marine Group in Singapore outsources management of its IT infrastructure to Fujitsu, leading to faster incident resolution and compliance with regulations."
  • Caffè Moak accelerates business intelligence evaluations from 8 hours to near-real time with Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA
    Focused on expanding the target market and growing the business, the managers of Caffè Moak decided in 2016 to upgrade the company’s now obsolete IT system and adopt the SAP HANA environment, with a view to achieving real digital transformation. In the summer of that year, the company then embarked on a short but intense phase of analyzing the hardware platforms that were currently available on the market.
  • The Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policies transforms its technological infrastructure into a high-quality service approach
    The Italian Ministry of Labor selects Fujitsu as its single partner for maintaining IT infrastructure, improving performance and simplifying management.
  • Managed Security Services and PalmSecure helps Hydro’s Brazilian business operations to align to global standards
    Hydro selects Fujitsu as its technology partner and migrates a Brazilian business to Fujitsu services and hardware, including PalmSecure and Security Operation Center.
  • OpusCapita benefits from ServiceNow which correlates all incidents and events automatically with high efficiency
    OpusCapita partners with Fujitsu to deploy ServiceNow to create a single solution that can correlate incidents and events automatically for more efficiency.
  • ServiceNow improves all IT Service Management Processes at Belgian Isabel Group
    When the support for Isabel’s existing ITSM platform ended, the company turned to ServiceNow as a superior upgrade, selecting Fujitsu as its integration partner.
  • As a highly-secure biometric signature solution, Sign’IT enables Belfius‘ customers to open an banking account within five minutes
    Belfius leads the field in mobile banking and chose Fujitsu Sign’IT as a secure electronic signature solution to enable customers to open accounts via smartphone.
  • TasNetworks gets a Long-Haul Microwave Radio System to deploy new mobile communication services
    TasNetworks deployed the Fujitsu FRX-3 Microwave radio, reducing operational costs, improving throughput and providing increased visibility of performance.
  • The ICT Sustainability Benchmark helps Technical and Further Education New South Wales to introduce an e-waste policy
    FUJITSU Sustainability Benchmark enables TAFE NSW North region to evaluate the sustainability of its IT estate, making savings and becoming more efficient.
  • Planworx adopts new working styles with infrastructure setup based on PRIMERGYand ETERNUS
    "The IT infrastructure developed with the support of Fujitsu and microstaxx has transformed planworx into one of the most state-of-the-art agencies in Germany"
  • NetApp AllFlash infrastructure takes the energy management systems at EnBW to the next level
    "All-Flash and storage on-demand for EnBW: Fujitsu and NetApp take IT energy management systems to the next level."
  • NetApp Hybrid-Flash storage accelerates the performance of SAP system and productivity at Augustiner-Bräu
    "Augustiner-Bräu prevents IT bottlenecks with Hybrid-Flash."
  • PRIMEFLEX enables iTAREX to offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective services
    "PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct enables hosting specialist iTAREX to provide quick, flexible, cost-effective computing solution"
  • Al Ezzel Operation and Maintenance eliminates unauthorized access to SAP ERP systems with PalmSecure
    "Al Ezzel wanted to find a secure method of authenticating SAP users to eliminate unauthorized access so deployed FUJITSU PalmSecure™ for biometric recognition"
  • Zinrai Deep Learning enables Kawasaki Geological Engineering to detect cavity responses with greater accuracy
    "Deployment of AI in analysis of under roadway cavity survey data brings objectivity to analysis results and halves work time."
  • Gluth Systemtechnik uses ETERNUS AF250 All Flash arrays to reduce working time on large CAD files by half
    "Gluth Systemtechnik reaps the benefits of a more performant Fujitsu server and All Flash storage infrastructure. The new solution has halved access times for large CAD files."
  • ICE Special Cards leverages PalmSecure for access level control
    "ICE installs an access control system with a palm vein sensor, FUJITSU PalmSecure, to increase the security of critical access points."
  • KOMLIS management information system makes data analysis fast and simple at Næstved Kommune
    The Municipality of Næstved wanted a more accurate view of employee sick leave, and so added an analysis module to its management information system FUJITSU KOMLIS.
  • Cardinal House uses Hybrid IT with a flexible billing model to offer new games and services globally
    Cardinal House partners with Fujitsu to deliver gaming services worldwide, hosted on Amazon Web Services, for a flexible and cost-effective approach.
  • Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape accelerates business processes and increases productivity at Locarent car rental
    "Locarent deployed two FUJITSU PRIMEFLEX vShape solutions to support all core businessoperations - reducing costs, simplifying management and lowering energy consumption"
  • The Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries accelerates the speed of customer responses by ten times with Fujitsu
    "BBAC deploys Fujitsu ETERNUS All-Flash storage to increase application performance times, making users more productive and customers happier."
  • Gifu University improves quality of education using a Strategic Integration Database operated in the cloud
    "Gifu University asks Fujitsu to build a Strategic Integration Database that could pulldata together and present it visually to improve education quality."
  • Sabesp runs SAP applications on PRIMEQUEST servers to ensure data security
    "Sabesp purchases Fujitsu servers featuring modern technology which provide improved flexibility in the use of tools and applications, as well as reducing costs."
  • Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape improves system reliability and up-time at Nakilat
    "FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX vShape improves operational excellence, enhances reliability and enables efficient management of Nakilat’s fleet."
  • Furniture manufacturer Germania virtualises data center with PRIMERGY Rack Servers
    "Furniture manufacturer Germania uses Fujitsu servers and storage devices to virtualize its IT environment and create a modern, reliable system."
  • TIGI Linea tunes its web services and e-commerce transactions with Fujitsu M10-1 servers
    TIGI Linea produces and sells various hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners and lighteners, to hairdressers, salon owners and consumers. Now based in Lewisville, Texas, it was incorporated in 1985 and now operates as a subsidiary of global giant Unilever.
  • KPaul Properties increased the performance to run medical applications on PRIMERGY RX2540 servers
    KPaul needed to replace its legacy server platform with a new virtualized environment. It wanted a low cost, high-performance server that it could also package and resell to its own customer base.
  • St. Michael the Archangel High School gets a next generation learning platform by deploying LIFEBOOK Tablets
    St. Michael the Archangel Diocesan Regional High School is a co-educational college preparatory school that provides a rigorous, comprehensive education. Staffed by a dedicated faculty, the school prides itself on an innovative Technology Department offering courses that range from Computer Science to Advanced Programming and Computer Architecture.
  • The Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud digitizes the way of food production at the Iwata Smart Agriculture Project
    Iwata Smart Agriculture Project establishes a new style of digitally-enabled agriculture, helping to make Japanese agriculture stronger.
  • McDonald’s UK utilizes the CARE programme for preventing maintenance issues in its restaurants
    Together McDonald’s and Fujitsu have developed the CARE programme – a team of dedicated engineers who proactively support each restaurant to increase uptime.
  • Workplace Anywhere helps Carea improving productivity and enhancing patient care
    Carea wanted to upgrade its old Windows XP desktops for an improved user experience and a more flexible working environment that would allow users to access patient records securely from any device.
  • RunMyProcess accelerates purchase orders and business reports at House Foods America very easily
    Like any thriving business, House Foods America needs to keep track of its supply chain and the associated costs. Previously, Curry House outlets would compile orders on a standard spreadsheet program and send the files to suppliers as email attachments.
  • HomeServe USA digitizes processes and eliminates errors with RunMyProcess
    HomeServe prides itself on its entrepreneurial zeal. It has seen 20 percent year on year growth over a five-year period, but this rapid growth presented challenges. Technology investment lagged behind business expansion and many key processes relied on manual intervention.
  • Catholic High School incorporates new methods of learning by rolling out Fujitsu tablets for a more student-centric education
    Catholic High School must stay ahead of the technology curve to ensure its students get the best, most modern educational experience that will provide them with the tools they need to succeed. As part of this commitment, it wanted to introduce a 1:1 computing program
  • Kent School chooses Fujitsu Tablets and Notebooks to make the educational experience more engaging and interactive
    For over twenty years, Kent School has pioneered the use of digital technology in the classroom. It has worked with multiple device partners over the years and experimented with a one-to-one program, equipping each pupil with their own device. Eventually, the school implemented a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy for students, however, it still wanted to continue equipping the faculty with tablets.
  • Newport News Police Department deploys Fujitsu tablets in their police vehicles to increase productivity
    NNPD relies on in-car mobile data devices to equip its officers with the tools they need when on patrol. However, of the 231 computers in use in the field, 143 were over eight years’ old, making them slow and prone to failure. The organization needed to update its fleet with more modern devices.
  • St. Louis College of Pharmacy uses Fujitsu Tablets to create a more engaged learning environment
    As one of the pioneers of one-to-one programs, St. Louis College of Pharmacy (STLCOP) is continually refreshing its devices on campus. It needs to find the right devices to meet the needs of students and faculty.
  • Qantas becomes more sustainable as a company with the aid of Fujitsu eWaste services
    Every year at Qantas, over 2,000 computing devices reach end of life and must either be fixed, upgraded or responsibly recycled. The company had also set itself a target in 2010 to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill by 30 per cent by 2020.
  • Glycotope gains from fast and comprehensive deployment of SAP systems
    Biotechnology company Glycotope recently decided to professionalize its ERP processes by introducing SAP. Until this point, the SME had never had an integrated IT system. With Fujitsu’s help, Glycotope implemented a complete, standardized SAP environment within just four months, which it can now use to visualize and efficiently manage all of its business processes.
  • The Hiroshima Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry makes consulting easier with Cloud Service MobileSUITE
    The Federation deployed Fujitsu tablets connected to a cloud platform that enables the consultants to instantly capture, upload and retrieve relevant information.
  • Integrated System PRIMEFLEX® for SAP Landscapes enables Globus Group to use SAP systems quickly and flexibly
    Fujitsu provided a comprehensive “PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes” concept, comprising FUJITSU x86 servers, Cisco Nexus network components, NetApp storage solutions and virtualization software from VMware.
  • City of Muskogee Police Department
    The Muskogee Police Department (MPD) services over 40,000 residents covering 46 square miles. The ninety officers that make up the MPD strive to make Muskogee one of the safest cities in America by continually advancing strategies that prevent crime. Many of these initiatives demand the use of modern IT products and services.
  • St. Thomas More Catholic High School
    Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, St. Thomas More Catholic High School (STM) seeks to help its 1,100 students reach their individual potential and is committed to the development of the whole person. The school offers a rigorous academic program and prepares students to be global leaders and 21st century thinkers. STM supports its students with a dedicated faculty, technology, facilities, and resources that create the very best opportunities for success in life beyond high school.
  • HMRC’s Voice and Unified Communications platform now works on Fujitsu FAST Cloud
    In order for HMRC to transition to a consumption based cloud solution, it required a replacement for its existing Voice and Unified Communications service. The requirement was for an innovative, adaptable and cost-effective solution that allowed it to retain its existing handsets. The additional challenge was to deliver this solution within a six month transition period without any user disruption.
  • Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
    The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is composed of the metropolitan area of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. Together they cover five hundred sixty square miles with over seven hundred law enforcement vehicles. The need for instant access to time critical information is a necessity for all police departments, and Richy Vaughn, MNPD information manager, recognized the need to arm his police force with the essential tools to protect the continuously growing metropolitan area. Vaughn’s vision would provide tools to enable officers with real-time inquiries on suspect information, view photos, communicate instantly and submit reports quickly and easily.
  • Service Desk for 30,000 users of Government of Alberta in Canada
    The Alberta Government wanted to find a new provider that would introduce new features and reinvent the service desk process. After a comprehensive benchmarking procedure, the organization identified the key criteria and went to market. Fujitsu’s combination of experience, capability and cost-effectiveness made it the ideal partner.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services ensures the integrity of ICT at Scottish Water
    Scottish Water activated the Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence service, which immediately identified the source of the unknown malware variant, cleaned infected devices and worked with Symantec to create a signature that would block it.
  • Empire Life boosts power and saves space with Fujitsu M10-1 server
    With support from Toronto-based HighVail, a full-service technology enabler, Empire Life was able to consolidate its existing SPARC infrastructure – almost four racks of servers - down to a single Fujitsu M10-1 server.
  • Lean IT Consulting helps to streamline surgery processes at Hôpital Montfort
    Hôpital Montfort wanted to transform its surgical department, considered as the core of its activities. It started with the goal to improve processes within its orthopedic department to enhance the patient journey, reduce costs and increase the quality of life for its staff.
  • Bharat Petroleum streamlines employees’ access with PalmSecure
    BPCL wanted to find a secure, reliable way to ease congestion at its refineries’ access points. Traditional methods such as ID cards or fingerprint recognition were either too slow or not accurate enough.
  • Frontier Science relies on Fujitsu M10 servers and ETERNUS DX200 storage for data processing and medical research
    Frontier Science has implemented multiple Fujitsu M10-4 and M10-1 servers at several sites. It has also installed Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200 storage solutions at each location. These include production systems as well as segregated development and testing systems.
  • Sharp HealthCare
    For years, Sharp used a variety of scanner brands and models,but that strategy became increasingly problematic, especially as the number of scanners used by the organization grew intothe hundreds.
  • Richardson Police Department transforms its processing through RFID technology
    With increasing demands for security and accountability, Richardson Police Department wanted to find a more efficient way of tracking and logging its uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other sensitive items.
  • Emory Healthcare partners with Egenera and Fujitsu
    Emory Healthcare partners with Egenera and Fujitsu
  • Shorter patient registration times and highly accurate medical records with PalmSecure at The George Washington University Medical Center
    The standard method for registering patients was time consuming and did not adequately verify their identities, insurance information, or prevent redundancies or duplicates. The Fujitsu Med-Serv 50 Kiosk, which features the PalmSecure™ biometric solution, was selected by MFA.
  • New ways of Learning and student-run Service Desk with Tablets at St. Joseph’s Academy
    St. Joseph’s Academy wanted to ensure it was staying on top of technology to empower its students to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • William Breman Museum in Atlanta
    Jeremy Katz, director of the Cuba Family Archives for Southern Jewish History—the formal name for the museum’s extensive archive collection—says gathering and preserving historical documents and other items from Jewish families in the South is essential to providing a rich portrayal of Jewish history and activities in the region.
  • Business Technology Career Opportunities (BTCO)
    Over the years, BTCO has seen its technology needs change in response to customer demands. With early customers such as the Census Bureau and its Census 2000 Image Archiving project, BTCO took information and converted it to microfi che. Today the process is reversed, as the company works annually with tens of millions of paper pages and aging microfi che fi les, turning them into digitized documents, indexed with data entry so that its customers can store, search through, and access information faster and more effi ciently than with hard-copy documents.
  • St. Andrew’s College
    As an independent school, St. Andrew’s College prides itself on the innovative ways in which it teaches students, using collaborative, activity-based, boy-friendly learning along with cutting-edge technology to engage and inspire. The school has been teaching boys for more than a century and excels in academics, the arts, athletics, and co-curricular programing that is amongst the most varied and comprehensive of any private school in Canada.
  • LIFEBOOK T pays off at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
    As a private school situated in an isolated village, Notre Dame strives to ensure it offers the best educational experience in order to attract students. One of its key strengths is its outstanding athletics program, which produces regular NHL players and college scholarships. However, recently it decided that technology was one area in which it could lead the field on the prairies.
  • Belvedere Hotel in New York City
    Following standard practice across the hospitality industry, the Belvedere attempts to gather detailed information about guests when they arrive, since most online booking mechanisms—the most common way to get a hotel today—do not capture details like a guest’s nationality, passport data, or other information. Historically, this has always been collected manually at the front desk when guests check in.
  • X-TAX
    X-TAX is Lansing, Michigan’s leading retail tax preparer, and a CPA firm open year round. The company, established in 1998, was named by the Lansing State Journal as one of the fastest growing businesses in the Lansing area. After preparing only 75 returns in its first year of operation, X-TAX now prepares over 7,000 tax returns, and has grown from just one employee in 1998 to 35 for 2009. In addition, X-TAX has expanded from one-single desk, to three offices spanning the North, South and West corridors of Lansing.
  • Wateford School District
    Each new school year Waterford enrolls close to 1,500 new students. Like most school districts throughout the United States, historically, this process was manual, paper intensive and time consuming. Before implementing the automated enrollment system, Waterford handled its entire enrollment on-site at each school building the child was enrolling in. Waterford was in need of a solution that would decrease staff headaches and streamline the process while giving the time and money back to the children.
  • Widener University Wolfgram Memorial Library
    In addition to the educational resources, Wolfgram Memorial Library also contains Widener University's archives, which include the university's publications and official records, as well as the course catalogs dating back to 1856, student newspapers and literary magazines from 1877, yearbooks from 1900, memorabilia such as cadet uniforms and athletic trophies and various other clippings, photographs, and biographical information about the school athletics, alumni, faculty and the Widener and Hyatt families. Open to Widener students and the public, this collection captures and preserves the rich history of the university as well as significant pieces of the history of Delaware County. However, the library's efforts to make them accessible to the masses were stinted by their limited ability to document and index this considerable amount of information; a work intensive process for the only 10 faculty librarians and 30 staff who help to keep the library open, and allow access to all its valuable resources, on an average of 95.5 hours per week.
  • Wild, Carey & Fife
    Founded in 1980, San Francisco-based law firm, Wild, Carey and Fife is a small, private, full-service litigation law firm that serves a broad range of clients including, Professional Liability Law, Insurance Coverage Law, Business Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Construction Litigation and Transportation. With a variety of cases to manage on a daily basis, Wild, Carey and Fife rely on an efficient filing system of its sensitive records, in order to operate effectively.
  • Swedish Medical Center
    Since 1910, Swedish Medical Center has been a hallmark for excellence in healthcare. With over 70 clinics and four hospital locations, Swedish is the largest, most comprehensive, nonprofit healthcare provider in the Greater Seattle area. Swedish is not just about facilities, research and new techniques, it’s about people coming together to provide the most compassionate care possible. From nurses and physicians, to social workers and dietitians, the dedicated team at Swedish Medical Center is defining, on a personal level, what excellence really means. In fact, in an independent research study conducted by the National Research Corp., Swedish is consistently named the area’s best hospital, with the finest doctors, nurses and overall care in a variety of specialty areas.
  • University of California, Berkeley
    One of UC Berkley’s facility members, Dr. Joonhong Ahn, a professor of nuclear engineering, was overwhelmed with the mounds of paper accumulating in his office. Frustrated by the never-ending stream of incoming reports Dr. Ahn sought to find a solution that would allow him quickly digitize report, handouts, research and other paper documents that had to be archived but readily accessible on demand.
  • Shumate Mechanical
    Shumate Mechanical provides a full range of HVAC products and services to residential, commercial and industrial businesses in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. With 500 employees, including over 100 service technicians, Shumate offers installation, replacement, engineering, design build, new construction and maintenance services.
  • Scofield Timber
    Scofield Timber was founded almost 40 years ago out of the realization that timber harvesting techniques available at the time possessed many drawbacks – not well suited for sensitive properties and often left land diminished of its value. As one of the first companies in the Atlanta metropolitan area to challenge the traditional methods of timber harvesting, Scofield quickly grew as a leader helping to open up new markets for landowners, while also preserving the land value. Today, the company is one of the largest timber dealers in the Southeast and has evolved into a full-service timber enterprise, harvesting more than 1 million individually selected trees every year.
  • Real Estate Agents and Lenders
    In real estate, the difference between closing a deal and losing a sale can be a matter of minutes. Driven heavily by lending regulations, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and buying agents are constantly operating in a paper-intensive environment that requires them to collect, protect and archive numerous documents that are imperative to the sale of a home or commercial building. Prompt action and seamless operation is a pre-requisite to success in the real estate business and technology is beginning to play a pivotal role in how agents close deals and make sales.
  • Rabuck Agency
    Recognizing that improved document management was one way that it could save time and money, Rabuck turned to the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M Mac compatible scanner.
  • Palm Beach Community College
    Palm Beach Community College (PBCC) serves approximately 47,000 students across four campuses located within the Florida hurricane zone. Due to their location, disaster recovery played a big part—as did the need for space and improved efficiency—in their search for an enterprise content management (ECM) system.
  • Pediatric Associates of Richmond, Inc.
    Doctors need all the critical information they can obtain when treating a patient, but too often data is trapped in filing cabinets and disparate systems that can't be easily accessed when needed the most. Pediatric Associates of Richmond, Inc. (PAR), with thirteen doctors, four nurse practitioners, two office locations and thousands upon thousands of documents, was looking for an Electronic Health Records (EHR) management solution for their pediatric practice that would do just that – help to improve the quality of patient care and safety.
  • Morgan Street Document Systems
    Morgan Street Document Systems, the premier provider of personalized, web-based, document management services, helps individuals and their advisors organize, share and protect financial, legal, estate, insurance and legacy documents. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, with offices spanning over the east, west, and mid-west regions, Morgan Street recognized that the amount of paper-based information that individuals manage on an onoing basis, continues to increase by overwhelming amounts. In fact, most individuals have thousands of pages of critical documents that require preservation and protection, but lack an organizational system capable of handling the load.
  • MaxxVault
    Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, located in New Hyde Park, New York, is a highly acclaimed non-profit that offers inpatient short term rehabilitation, sub-acute care and nursing home care, as well as a comprehensive network of community health care services. The range and excellence of adult health care and rehabilitation programs developed by the innovative professionals of the Parker Jewish Institute enable men and women to move within a comprehensive network of services geared to each stage of recovery, as well as individual and family needs.
  • Milwaukee County Register of Deeds
    The office of the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds oversees all of the real estate-related documents that affect titles to approximately 300,000 parcels of land located in Milwaukee County. In addition, the county register is responsible for maintaining formal records from corporation papers and military discharges to financing statements and certified copies of birth, death and marriage records. Managing these vital documents for individuals and businesses requires a document management solution capable of scaling across the entire organization and allows ready-access to, and protection for all of the documents within the county register's files.
  • Joshen Paper
    With multiple locations and a growing number of clients, AGI recognized the need to implement a document management process, enabling it to quickly and easily share information between offices while effectively managing each office's internal documents.
  • Hospice of Florida Suncoast
    In 1977, the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast was born out of the vision of an exceptional group of people who realized the value of hospice care and wanted it for their families and neighbors. Today, the Hospice is the nation's largest not-for-profit, community-based provider of hospice and palliative care. Located in Clearwater, FL with over 1,500 employees, their vision and mission still remains the cornerstone of their work and organizational soul: help each person in their community find quality of life. Toward that goal, they are constantly adding new programs, advancing hospice practices and spearheading internal technology implementations to meet the changing needs of their community. In fact in 1997, The Hospice began the development of a software product called Suncoast Solutions that serves as the electronic health record for Hospice patients. One in four hospice patients across the country receive care by a program using Suncoast Solutions.
  • Food Project
    The Jackson County Intermediate School District (JCISD) is an educational service agency chartered by the State of Michigan to work with local public school districts and charter schools. Their mission is to help improve student success throughout the central Michigan county, which is situated about 40 miles west of Ann Arbor.
  • Great Food Group
    “Mayhem.” That’s how Patrick Albrecht sums up his typical workday—but he says it in the spirit of joie de vivre, not drudgery. Albrecht is a chef and co-owner (along with his father, chef Paul Albrecht) of the Great Food Group, the parent company of two Atlanta-based restaurants.
  • Couri Insurance
    Insurance agents are constantly operating in a paper-intensive environment that requires them to collect, protect and archive numerous documents that are imperative to processing claims. For Couri Insurance in Waukesha, Wisconsin they were not left out of this constant paper battle.
  • Placer County, CA
    "The solution we bought from Fujitsu consolidates everything and they support it all. I don't need a separate agreement for the operating system,"says Jeff Tudor, Placer County Network Security Coordinator. "If there is a new software release for Check Point or the Nokia operating system, Fujitsu notifies us and they just go ahead and implement it. It's one more thing I don't have to worry about."
  • Food Project
    The Food Project is an organization that brings together teenagers and thousands of volunteers annually to work on nearly 40 acres’ worth of farms in and around Boston. The organization’s goal is to create a sustainable system for growing healthy food and delivering it to residents of Boston and surrounding communities through farmers’ markets, food relief programs, and community organizations. It also works to foster the leadership potential of hundreds of the youths while helping people—both the volunteer workers and food recipients—feel a stronger connection to the land.
  • Colorado Center for Photomedicine
    Dr. David Verebelyi is the founding physician and Medical Director of The Colorado Center for Photomedicine, located south of Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO. The Center serves the needs of more than 3,000 patients and acts as a regional hub providing light based medical and aesthetic procedures within the dermatology field. Having grown steadily since its opening in 2005, Dr. Verebelyi designed his practice from its inception to be a virtually paper-less operation by leveraging the latest in electronic medical record (EMR) and document scanning technology. In order to operate efficiently in the billing office while providing quality clinical care, they rely on technologies designed by Fujitsu and PatientNow.
  • DeVry University
    "When we first launched ..concerns were raised about academic freedom and the use of firewalls, "says Rich Lermer, Director of Information Technology at DeVry. "But we were able to show ...that we could protect corporate resources on the inside without restricting access to information by authorized users."
  • AGI implements Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to disseminate documents seemlessly between offices
    With multiple locations and a growing number of clients, AGI recognized the need to implement a document management process, enabling it to quickly and easily share information between offices while effectively managing each office's internal documents.
  • Cornerstone Health Care
    Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have demonstrated their ability to improve the quality of patient care and safety. Healthcare institutions, both small and large, that have implemented an EHR system have also experienced the financial benefits that come along with it. Additionally, recent developments, including President Bush's public support for a National Health Information Infrastructure, are supporting a shift by medical groups towards the widespread use of information technology to improve care and reduce costs. It’s no wonder that more and more organizations are looking to Electronic Health Records to automate and streamline the clinician's workflow.
  • Fujitsu transforms SAP rollout failures into success for global supply chain management provider
    Fujitsu transforms SAP rollout failures into success for global supply chain management provider