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Current Press Releases

  • United States, San Jose, CA and Santa Clara, CA, March 07, 2017
    Fujitsu and enmo Technologies Announce Technology Collaboration on IoT Devices
    Fujitsu Components America, Inc. and enmo Technologies, a leader in mobile IoT, today announced a technology collaboration to support Fujitsu IoT devices in the enmo Platform. The first result of this collaboration is that the Fujitsu Sensor Beacon IoT device now is supported in the enmo Platform.
  • United States, San Jose, CA, January 12, 2017
    Fujitsu Releases Compact Panel-Mount Thermal Printer Module
    Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today released a smallest-in-class, panel-mount thermal printer subassembly for OEMs that streamlines the process of embedding a printing/cutting solution into POS, kiosk, ticketing and vending machine, measurement equipment, medical device, and banking ATM applications.
  • United States, San Jose, CA, December 08, 2016
    Fujitsu Adds High-Capacity Option to its Industry Standard FTR-K1 Power Relay Series
    Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has enhanced its FTR-K1 power relay series to offer engineers a high-capacity version with an industry standard footprint.