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Avoid IT Errors

IT downtimes caused by faults can best be kept to a minimum by trying to avoid such faults and IT bottlenecks in a proactive manner.

AVAS (BS2000)

BS2000 job management system allows automation of job production so that dialog entries are reduced to a minimum.

JV (BS2000)

Job variables in BS2000 are data items which enable the exchange of information between individual users or between users and the operating system.


Supplies extensive monitoring data to improve performance for the server systems BS2000, Solaris, Linux, Windows-based systems, VMware ESX Server, Xen and the storage systems ETERNUS DX, Symmetrix, CLARiiON and FibreCAT and additional all systems which aids the SNMP standard.

BS2000 Operating System

BS2000 OSD/BC is the mainframe operating system for BS2000 Servers. It delivers services of the highest quality for transaction systems and data and extends these quality standards to new applications based on the latest software technologies. It is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions.

SDF-P (BS2000)

Expands the BS2000 command language to produce a programming language in which structured programming can be performed just as it is using high-level programming languages.