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The meat industry provides unique challenges for the processing plants operating within it; meat prices are a commodity in a highly competitive and supply constrained market, there can be little visibility of profit margins for months after the stock was processed, and the supply chains can become disjointed from the financial system. MeatPro has been specifically designed to provide a solution for these problems, by integrating procurement, on-floor and financial processing into one complete system. MeatPro optimises planning and production by providing a clear overview of the current and future levels of stock, costs and sales. Profit margins can be easily managed by MeatPro’s ability to record inventory in multiple units of measure, for example at carton and weight level. While these two features result in a streamlined system from the initial procurement through to sales and financial analysis, MeatPro facilitates even greater benefits by providing specific solutions for all functions of the Meat Plant’s processing system.

The procurement features of MeatPro allow the Meat Plant to reserve capacity for stock processing well in advance, from creating expectations of supply through to specific bookings. This allows the Meat Plant to match supply to process capacity, and facilitates resource planning for on-floor processes. The yard and production systems are integrated with the reservation details and sales demand to create optimal processing solutions and cut plans, ensuring the efficiency of the entire inventory system. MeatPro uses predetermined pricing schedules applied to information interfaced from the floor processes to automatically price stock and generate buyer created purchase invoices, which results in an efficient and fully integrated supply solution. Yield Analysis is provided to Plant Management on a timely basis.

MeatPro combines the procurement and resulting inventory information with the sales, export and financial processes to provide a transparent view of goods available for sale, the countries they can be exported to, and the profit analysis for that sale. Unfinished and finished goods are monitored in realtime providing the ability to match daily stock processing with up to date sales requirements. Export tariffs, quotas and eligibility are comprehensively managed by MeatPro’s Sales and Export modules, to provide the Meat Plant with a real time view of possible export destinations and the associated costs. This is achieved by integrating stock reservation volumes and production systems, for example Halal processing, with detailed export quotas and information on the level of sales already achieved. Foreign currency maintenance and export documentation integration is provided by MeatPro to complete the comprehensive exporting solution, while ensuring that margins are maintained despite any exchange or price fluctuations. This facilitates in depth planning of forward sales volumes based on the planned production levels, sales requirements and associated quotas.

MeatPro provides value-adding features and processes to maximise the efficiency of the entire MeatPro solution. Hand held computers with bar code reading features can be utilised by the Meat Plant for mobile procurement, on-floor inventory adjustments and sales loadout processes, to facilitate efficient data collection and updating. Bobby calf processing can be enhanced by pre-allocating ear tags to vendors and facilitating payments to multiple associated suppliers( farmers, sharemilkers etc). By-product manufacturing systems, for example hides, bovine medium and rendered products, are captured by MeatPro in order to efficiently price and generate buyer created invoices for these stock types. MeatPro Trader can be utilised as a standalone module, or concurrently with standard MeatPro, to facilitate efficient and transparent commodity trading. This is achieved by providing detailed contract analysis right from quote through to final completion. MeatPro Trader allows the tracking of a deal in multiple currencies, including tracking all related foreign exchange contracts.. The result of these features is to provide even greater flexibility of processing, data collection, and cost analysis to the Meat Plant, ensuring the profit margins can be easily and effectively maintained.

General Features

On-Floor Interfacing: MeatPro interfaces to various weigh scale collection systems including Triton and others to attain all required body, weight and grade information. This is utilised for all standard and non-standard stock types produced, for example bovine medium, offal or tallow.

Multiple Units of Measure: Inventory is measured in multiple units, for example per carton and weight, which are transferred directly from the scale systems. This allows the Meat Plant the flexibility when pricing stock to maintain profit margins while selling in various different units of measure for a particular product.

Supply and Processing Features

Procurement: MeatPro provides a comprehensive reservation and booking system, which has the flexibility to contain details on expectations of supply, detailed reservations and further update these bookings with the actual stock quantity and other details when actually received.

Payment: The supplier payments, for example the vendor, sharemilker or the freight company, are efficiently integrated into the procurement and yard processes, by automatically interfacing the required details from the on-floor processes. These are utilised in the pricing schedules to automatically calculate a buyer created invoice or reconciling statement to automate these processes.

Receiving: MeatPro collates the reservation and procurement data with sales information to calculate an optimal cut plan, which provides an integrated and systematic solution to efficient stock production.

Inventory: MeatPro streamlines all inventory processes by allowing real time monitoring of finished and unfinished stock, so that sales requirements, and in depth forward planning, can be matched to stock processes.

Sales Features

Sales: MeatPro facilitates transparent and comprehensive sales processes by providing eligibility control and quota management for overseas markets, and by providing cost estimation for transportation via shipping and insurance matrices. These features result in a comprehensive view of sales, both at individual sales level, and at a higher view.

Export: Export functions are optimised by MeatPro, via integration with foreign currency maintenance systems to ensure price fluctuations do not affect margins, and the automatic production of export documentation using details interfaced from the sales data and production processes.

Additional Features

MeatPro Trader: This system provides a comprehensive approach to commodity trading from the initial quote to the profit analysis, all achieved via multiple units of measure. The module allows the Meat Plant or Trading Company to explicitly detail all costs associated with any particular trade, in various foreign currencies, and can provide in depth profit and cost analysis in real time.

Mobile Procurement: Hand held computers can be used to create procurement bookings from off site. By allocating agents with a particular quota, the Meat Plant can use this function to increase the efficiency of data collection while also ensuring stock bookings are spread out to help maintain consistency.

Radio Frequency Processing: MeatPro provides the option to use hand held scanners to optimise warehousing and inventory processes. This increases the flexibility of adjustments, stocktakes and sales loadouts, and MeatPro automatically enters default information into the scanners to ensure that these processes are simple to achieve.

Bobby Calf Processing: Bobby calf processes are optimised by using pre-assigned ear tags to backwards trace stock and maximise processing efficiency. MeatPro can divide the payment due between the vendor and any associated vendors, for example sharemilkers, farm managers or owners, to optimise payment processing.

Bovine Medium: MeatPro traces and records the source vendor of bovine medium collected, and subsequently calculates the price based on the predetermined pricing schedule. MeatPro also provides the capability to further process bovine medium into different products, by utilising quality information sourced from the on-floor processes.

Tanning: The collection, pricing and manufacturing processes of hides are facilitated by MeatPro’s comprehensive inventory tracking and pricing system. Multiple units of measure are used to specify the characteristics of the leather required to meet sales orders, and automatically prices the hides obtained based on a specified pricing schedule.

Rendering: Rendered by-products are comprehensively and automatically recorded and priced by MeatPro according to the product type, grade and amount produced, this facilitates an efficient processing solution.

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