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Storage Management Software for BS2000

Get the most from your storage media with our comprehensive portfolio of software products integrated and optimized for a variety of platforms.


For logical BS2000-optimized backup on high-capacity disk packs.


Creates physical backup copies in the BS2000 which are used to recover a disk. The backup and recovery times can be greatly reduced using current FDDRL versions.


Hierarchic storage management system to implement Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) on the BS2000 platform. The extended automation and reduced backup/restore times minimize operational breaks as a result of using the current HSMS versions.


Enables automated administration of data media in a BS2000 data center.


An automated robotic cartridge mounting, retrieval and return system.


Provides Commands and information services for controlling the functions of the disk storage systems FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX and EMC VMAX.


This is a powerful procedure for a BS2000 system administrator used to optimize disk storage whereby the reorganization - when using current versions - can take place during running operations.