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Transform data into real business value – with SAP HANA and Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s SAP HANA expertise, infrastructures and services enable customers to fully to exploit the potential of the SAP HANA platform. Based on reliable Fujitsu infrastructure concepts optimized for in-memory technology, vast amounts of data (Big Data) can be analyzed in real-time, safely and securely, either on premise or in the cloud for smarter business decisions based on greater business insight. Applications are also accelerated, enhancing business processes and enabling organizations to become true real-time enterprises.

Our successful SAP HANA deployments are backed by 40 years of experience in delivering fast, secure, high availability implementations with optimized TCO, successfully reducing complexity. In collaboration with our specialist partners such as NetApp, VMWare and SUSE, we simplify the introduction and operation of the SAP HANA platform, afford to exploit the potential and to accelerate and innovate your business processes.

Why choose Fujitsu for SAP HANA
  • Pioneering partner for SAP HANA and partner of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) with experience from several hundred SAP HANA implementations
  • The Fujitsu Global SAP HANA Demo Center enable customers to preview the business value of SAP HANA for their individual business
  • Full support of the SAP Tailored Datacenter Integration approach to comply with individual storage requirements and strategies
  • The unique FlexFrame Orchestrator solution enables a uniform and simplified management of traditional SAP applications and the SAP HANA platform in one system

  • Munich , April 14, 2015
    FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX Makes Life Even Easier for SAP Customers

    Fujitsu today announced that it is adding new offerings for customers running or planning to adopt SAP® software, in a further expansion of its PRIMEFLEX portfolio of Integrated Systems. These additions extend the PRIMEFLEX brand, which has received a very positive response from customers and is emerging as one of the industry’s most comprehensive set of pre-configured and pre-tested ready-to-run systems for the business-centric data center.

  • Fujitsu Forum / Munich , November 18, 2014
    Fujitsu Launches KISS Report – Simplification is not just a Buzz Word

    Around 60 percent of SAP customers believe there is scope to further exploit the vast capabilities of SAP solutions. however the key to achieving this is streamlining and simplification according the Fujitsu KISS Report1, launched today at Fujitsu Forum Munich 2014.

  • Fujitsu Forum / Munich , November 18, 2014
    Fujitsu Simplifies EDP’s SAP HANA Landscape ahead of Full Liberalization of the Portuguese Energy Market

    Fujitsu today announces its successful delivery of an optimized infrastructure and a comprehensive service offering to ensure that the SAP HANA landscape of one of Portugal’s largest companies, EDP (Energias de Portugal, S.A.), is fully operational ahead of the deadline for liberalization of the Portuguese energy market in 2015.

  • Hanover/Munich , March 09, 2014
    Fujitsu Provides Technology to Key International Research Institution to Help Optimize Server Systems for In-Memory Computing with the SAP HANA Platform

    Fujitsu today announces that it is providing server technology to support research on in-memory technology being performed at Magdeburg Research and Competence Cluster (MRCC). Fujitsu is extending its established relationship with the research institution by contributing its state-of-the-art FlexFrame Orchestrator solution to serve as the foundation of MRCC’s latest research project.

  • Munich , February 25, 2014
    Fujitsu to Support Dynamic Expansion Plans at Dubai’s Modern Bakery

    Fujitsu today announced that Modern Bakery in Dubai has selected Fujitsu for a highly strategic project to update the bakery’s IT infrastructure. Using the SAP HANA platform running on Fujitsu Power Appliance, the project is designed to provide real-time insight into the business data and financials that can be critical for a business in perishable products.

  • Munich , November 05, 2013
    Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST Smashes through In-Memory Database Limits, Truly Enables Real-Time Decision-Making for ERP

    At Fujitsu Forum, Fujitsu today announces a technology evaluation program for PRIMEQUEST high end servers which extends capacities of in-memory computing up to 12TB. This means Fujitsu is the first vendor to enable real-time decision-making for large-scale SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application databases, running them in-memory on the SAP HANA platform.

  • Munich , November 05, 2013
    Fujitsu Demonstrates Momentum for the SAP HANA Platform and SAP ERP Integration, On-Premise and in the Cloud

    At Fujitsu Forum, Fujitsu today announces significant milestones in its comprehensive range of globally-available offerings for the SAP HANA platform – including Fujitsu’s 300th customer installation of SAP HANA, the introduction of SAP HANA on the Fujitsu Cloud and the general availability of its latest fully-virtualized FlexFrame eco-system for running the SAP ERP application on SAP HANA.

  • Munich , November 07, 2012
    New Generation Fujitsu FlexFrame Enhances Infrastructure for SAP HANA®

    At Fujitsu Forum 2012, Europe’s biggest single-vendor customer event, Fujitsu today announces FlexFrame Orchestrator, a new datacenter management platform to manage unified environments running SAP® solutions. FlexFrame Orchestrator adds support for installations of the SAP HANA® platform to its comprehensive datacenter operations, including resources and services management, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities, across entire landscapes running SAP applications.

  • Munich , November 07, 2012
    Fujitsu welcomes 30 Top Partners to Launch of the new SELECT Value Channel at Fujitsu Forum Europe

    Fujitsu today welcomes 30 channel partners from around the region to Fujitsu Forum Europe in Munich, enthusiastic to learn how the company’s new Value Channel initiative will drive profitable business by meeting the specific needs of their most important customers.