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Solutions for the Government Sector

Consulting Services:

  • Legacy Services to enhance or maintain your legacy system to reduce TCO, or accelerate the transition to a new IT system



OEM/ODM Products:

Fujitsu Facts

  • Fujitsu is among the world's top five providers of Servers and PCs
  • Fujitsu is the only SAP partner in North America to have the following SAP certifications: SAP Certified - Hosting/Adaptive IT Provider (USA) and SAP Certified - Application Management Services (USA)
  • Fujitsu is the only major Optical Networking vendor to manufacture equipment in North America
  • Fujitsu is the only large storage vendor offering MAID (Massive Array of Inactive Disks) for data center cooling and energy efficiency
  • Fujitsu's Macroscope® - Powered Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Process was presented an Innovation Award for "Best PPM Quality Process"