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Workplace Health and Safety

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand Oil and Gas Solutions

Based on the diverse client base we maintain, Fujitsu employees are subjected to a diverse range of working environments from typical office spaces to constructions sites, offshore vessels, clinical environments and even deployed military zones. As a result we need to maintain an ongoing yet focussed commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors.

This commitment extends to our onsite staff that support clients in the Oil & Gas sector, given the lengths that are taken to ensure all activities have Health and Safety front of mind. Fujitsu delivers projects under our internal Workplace Health and Safety framework and conform to that of the client site as needed to ensure optimal safety to the job and project.

The success of the Fujitsu WH&S framework rests on the commitment of management and workers to ensure consultation, action and cooperation in all areas relating to health and safety. Fujitsu complies with all Health and Safety legislation and is committed to ongoing WH&S achievements with a focus on consultation and continuous improvement.

Fujitsu achieve its “zero lost time” workplace health, safety and welfare objectives via policies and procedures and actions that guide and support managers, supervisors, workers and contractors in carrying out their responsibilities in:

  • Identifying hazards and risks to health and safety associated with tasks and activities carried out by Fujitsu;
  • Assessing the degree and level of risk arising from hazardous tasks or activities;
  • Selecting, implementing and maintaining appropriate measures to control risks to Health and Safety;
  • Consulting with employees on matters that may affect their Health and Safety;
  • Identifying, developing and providing appropriate information, instruction and training to equip managers, supervisors, workers and visitors with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet their responsibilities; and
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring plans to put Fujitsu’s Health and Safety policies and procedures into effect.

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