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Supporting emergency responders

 Supporting emergency responders with custom software development services

Fujitsu technology solutions to support emergency response and public emergency services

Fujitsu deployment teams are highly specialised and experienced practitioners dedicated to maintaining the safety of the NZ public.. We work with several different emergency response departments across the Oceania region and continuously innovate and create new solutions to provide efficiencies.

Fujitsu tailored emergency service solutions

CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) - Fujitsu's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) product manages the assignment and deployment of resources to emergency and non-emergency incidents. It handles the entire lifecycle of an incident from the initial notification through to its conclusion.

Emergency Incident Management (EIM) - Incorporates real-time updates of information from the field to the control room and vice versa, establishment of organisational structures for the incident to allocate tasks appropriately, resource management and data consolidation.

Investigative Case Management(E Mob) - This focuses on the activities involved and ensures higher quality and a better understanding of the required outcomes to improve the overall efficiency of the investigative processes.

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