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Delivering a truly seamless travel experience

In today’s digital age, transport operators face a unique challenge - how to deliver a truly seamless, high quality, reliable and affordable passenger-controlled journey while using capital-intensive physical infrastructure. At Fujitsu, we believe the way to achieve this goal is through the co-creation and deployment of innovative digital transport solutions.

It’s our belief that co-creation with an expert partner is a far more effective way of developing new solutions than working in isolation. By working closely together, we can help you understand how integrating digital technology can enhance your passenger experience, lower your costs and gain insight into your passengers’ behaviour and needs.

We have experience co-creating digital solutions that have overcome the issues of regulating services and delivering a uniform experience each and every time. Our portfolio of secure, intelligence-led transportation solutions enables transport operators across sea, air, rail and road to deliver a more personalised and consistent passenger experience.

For over 50 years, we’ve been setting the pace within the transport sector, helping our customers use emerging technologies to deliver true business value. And we can help you too. By equipping you with the latest innovations across the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud and Data Analytics, we can help you transform the transport experience. We’ll help you proactively manage your critical assets, connect every stage of your passengers’ journeys and provide a service in tune with the new digital world.With digital technologies reshaping the world we live and work in, the transport sector is becoming more connected than ever before.

Registration and Licensing Platform

Driven by purpose and designed for a digitally enabled future

Digital transformation is occurring in all parts of our lives. This is most evident in how we engage with cities, how our identity is stored and how we use transportation. Registration and licensing solutions need to be an enabler of this transformation and change.

Fujitsu’s 20-year involvement in supporting registration and licensing solutions in Australia and New Zealand is a testament to their ability to evolve alongside this technology. Combining this experience with our proven capabilities in security, secure infrastructure, Identity Management and global partnerships, Fujitsu is capable of dealing with the demands of today as well as being the platform for tomorrow.

Registration and Licensing Platform

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Sustainable Transport

In harmony with the planet

The pioneering design engineering techniques used by Fujitsu focus on enabling environmental protection and creating real solutions with sustainability at their core. Our innovative technologies empower transport organisations to overcome the optimisation challenges they face including fleet management and route planning to reduce carbon emissions and meet net-zero by 2050.

We take a human-centric approach to innovation that has creativity, empathy, and problem-solving firmly at its core. Bringing together the power of the individual, data insight and the connectivity of things and infrastructure we enable our customers to realise new value.

Transport IT Solutions

Passenger and Freight Experience

Seamless travel experience

We help develop ecosystems that support individuals in their daily lives. Working together with transport organisations, we co-create solutions that connect physical and digital touchpoints to enhance passenger and employee experiences in a balanced way.

Today, Fujitsu is working closely with Multi-Modal customers to build and implement new ticketing technologies that will support the Williams/Shapps Great British Railways and the transformation of public transport networks in our great cities.

Passenger and Freight Experience

Business Digital Transformation

The future of management

At Fujitsu, we design and deliver solutions for data-driven transformation that improve agility and efficiency across transport organisations. Working closely with strategic partners such as ServiceNow, SAP, Microsoft, and Salesforce we deliver business value through innovation. Through our extensive IT portfolio which includes managed workplace services, application services, infrastructure services, hybrid cloud, process automation, and data analytics, we empower transport organisations to become more sustainable, agile and resilient. With our range of trusted digital workplace solutions including Smart Working and Borderless Office, we empower people to be more productive and creative in their roles.

Transport IT Solutions

Thought Leadership

Why Partner with Fujitsu?

At Fujitsu, our goal is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. With digital technologies reshaping the world in which we live, the transport sector is becoming more connected than ever before. However, identifying the right technology to implement can be challenging.

With over 40 years of experience working within the transport sector across air, sea, road and rail, we have the expertise to use emerging technologies to deliver true business value. By equipping you with the latest digital solutions we can help you to optimise operations, manage critical assets, meet your sustainability goals and transform the travel experience.

Transport IT Solutions

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