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Oil and Gas Solutions

Fujitsu Oil and Gas Industry Solutions Fujitsu delivers core Information Communication and Technology (ICT) services to the Oil & Gas sector globally underpinned by a company-wide commitment to:

  • Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S)
  • Australian Industry Participation (AIP)
  • Indigenous and Community Engagement
  • Environment and Sustainability

These are meshed with a deep experience working with the construction and engineering industry on major capital projects. We have experienced staff with industry certifications and safety training ready to support the Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas Solutions from Fujitsu

Oil and Gas Solutions from Fujitsu

Delivering turnkey ICT solutions to global Oil & Gas clients covering Upstream to Downstream operations.

Building on a deep experience and understanding of the global Oil & Gas industry gained over the past thirty years, Fujitsu’s mission is to support the industry with high-performance communications and technology solutions. Fujitsu’s integrated software solutions and multi-vendor project support services which help clients improve workplace safety, maximise return on investment and realise ongoing efficiencies.

With a strong heritage in Telecommunications and Information Technology consulting and integration, our experience lets us confidently address the ICT systems integration challenges of complex onshore and offshore capital projects throughout their full lifecycle. Fujitsu’s capital project services cover engineering design, procurement, construction, hook-up and commissioning, ongoing support and ongoing asset management and maintenance. Equally our experience supporting Oil & Gas retail customers with fully outsourced application and infrastructure offerings through to globally deployed and supported point of sale solutions provides a breadth of experience in integrated and managed solutions which cover the full ICT spectrum in this diverse sector.

Innovation and Industry Development

As part of Fujitsu’s continued commitment to research and innovation, we are closely working with partners and clients on a wide range of innovations such as:

  • Traditional offshore and onshore exploration and production models that are being challenged by floating liquefied natural gas (“FLNG”) projects.
  • New technologies to find and extract Shale gas being rapidly developed and impacting on the way projects are planned and managed.
  • Satellite and fibre technologies used to support and monitor remote operations, exploiting low latency cloud computing and information storage and management models.

Our Oil & Gas Offering

  • Integrated Operations - Assisting numerous Oil & Gas companies to establish enterprise wide integration platforms, supporting their planning, scheduling, forecasting and strategic needs to be more responsive and cost optimised.
  • Operational Readiness – Planning and optimising the ICT systems, supporting Service Level Agreement's (SLA), OSS tools and associated roles/responsibilities into a Support Model to allow smooth hand-over to ongoing operations.
  • Systems Implementation and Integration – Proven global expertise in implementing and integrating multiple systems and technologies to support a connected Oil & Gas operational environment.
  • Data Management and Analytics –Technology to help manage every possible data type flowing across business and operational processes. Fujitsu’s innovative products and services can help you connect, define, digitise, normalise, archive, analyse and host the data and make it available to different stakeholders through the decision making process.
  • Information and Asset Management - Extensive experience in information and asset management coupled with the ability to build custom technical applications provide real time access, control and visibility of information and assets across the organisation.
  • Remote Operations - With Fujitsu’s Cloud, Virtualisation, Remote Infrastructure Management and Security solutions, you can operate critical facilities and conduct key business processes from secure central locations, cost effectively delivering services to remote facilities.
  • Project Management – Managing large projects on a national or global level to deliver upstream or downstream projects. Using proven methodologies i.e. PMBOK, PRINCE2.
  • Program Management Office – Operating a program office to coordinate complex construction or technology programs.
  • Change Management – Ensuring the effective identification, planning and adoption of workplace changes to help deliver on time, on budget and incident free business outcomes for projects.
  • Site Communications – Implementing and supporting various types of site communication, from onshore to offshore and mobile.
  • Managed Services – A seamless operation and support model for any aspect of communications or technology used by the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Security – Site premise and equipment security installation, monitoring, and integration; including both physical and data/information security.
  • Enterprise Solutions and Services – Providing a range of Information Technology (IT) products and services for the wider enterprise including servers, storage, notebooks, system integration and legacy modernisation.
  • Why choose Fujitsu as your ICT partner?

    • Global Reach – A true global player in the ICT space, with offices throughout the globe in over 140 counties. This reach matches the global nature of the oil and gas industry and we are able to support projects and deliver services wherever you are.
    • End-to-End ICT Provider – The broadest range of ICT capabilities in the industry, from advanced fiber optic, microwave and radio communications through to world leading supercomputing platforms – which means you can enjoy a unified service, reduced cost of delivery and earlier time to market for new solutions.
    • Depth of Experience - Over 30 years of retail experience and collaboration with the Oil & Gas industry translates into a ‘can do’ attitude where Fujitsu can work with you to rapidly and cost effectively select, integrate, deploy, maintain and support the right ICT solution for any stage, from exploration to back office processes.
    • Scale – With $50Bn+ annual revenues and more than 172,000 employees worldwide, Fujitsu is one of the top 3 IT Service providers globally with the scale to support even the largest and most demanding ICT projects.
    • Industry Support – In striving to meet the needs of it clients, Fujitsu has the support of a wide range of leading industry players in all fields relevant to delivering ICT to the Oil & Gas Industry. These include global relationships with major vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Motorola and Computer Associates, as well as local partnerships with specialist engineering communications and security firms where required.
    • Service Excellence – Is part of our DNA and is a key reason why we are so highly-rated by our customers in satisfaction surveys and why some of the world’s largest organisations select us as their IT business partner.
    • Japanese Heritage – Proudly bringing our customers the value of Japanese technology and innovation and our unparalleled customer service focus; allows you to benefit today from tomorrow’s advanced business solutions from a company that puts your needs first.

    Want to know more? - Contact us

    To find out how we can service your requirements in Australia please call +61 2 9113 9200 or email  or in New Zealand please call +64 4 495 0700 or email  for free information with no obligation.

Cloud Services

Managing Risk and Uncertainties via Flexible Scalability
The Oil & Gas companies face tremendous risks and uncertainties associated with their core operations. Their business environment is further endangered by emerging risks from geopolitics, regulatory changes and the instability in the local economy and access to skilled resources. To mitigate such risks and uncertainties, industry needs to redefine strategy around information security, business continuity, disaster recovery, and critical facilities management.

Create Competitive Advantage:
With Fujitsu's Local trusted Cloud, Virtualisation, Remote Infrastructure Management and Security solutions, you can operate the critical facilities and conduct key business processes in a secure and on demand fashion With true on demand cloud services now a reality Oil & Gas operations are able to scale up and down on demand in a pay per use model which lowers operational cost and support effort and increases productivity.


Fujitsu has been at the leading edge of telecommunications IT for over 60 years having been formed as a communications company in the 1930s. All our offerings are designed to enhance the customer experience and deliver operational efficiency and staff effectiveness.

Our Services and Solutions are principally focused on the network deployment, management and support requirements of operators and service providers. With flexible platforms and integrated solutions - across copper, fibre, packet optical and wireless technologies. Backed by 24/7 network operations centres, turnkey installation capabilities and field service teams.

Digital Media Solutions

Employee Well Being
Oil & Gas companies have a great challenge when it comes to human relations and Health and Safety. These expansive organisation must engage, educate and inform employees about various subjects, including Health and Safety programs, flight times, community announcements, corporate messaging, emergency broadcasts, etc. This may often be in mining camps, remote accommodation villages and regional sites. To manage this process and coordinate a vast network can be a challenge.

Fujitsu's Digital Media Solution is designed for large scale organisations who want to transmit multimedia content over a Digital Media Network - whether that be Foxtel, Free to air TV, advertising, training or instructional material, OHS messages, flight or transport information, news sport and weather feeds and even emergency warning messaging. Fujitsu's TELentice range of products can manage thousands of unique media channels targeted by location, demographic and proximity of service, automatically delivering messages and broadcasts to each location via satellite, Internet or wireless network.

TELentice is comprised of a centrally located enterprise scheduling system, a distribution mechanism and network monitoring tools. The TELentice Rules Engine has helps simplify and reduce the effort involved in content scheduling, distribution and playback workload by automating many mundane and repetitive tasks and processes. TELentice utilises a two-way communication model whereby employees or customers may ineract with an endpoint to trigger certain content, applications or education packages. TELentice in enabling Oil & Gas and Expand First (EPCM) companies to provide employees access to relevant infomation in realtime that is tailorable for the individual or location - Increasing employee engagement, well being, prodcutivity and site safety.

Asset Management

The Oil & Gas Industry faces constant pressure to optimise production uptime whilst continuing to drive down the cost of production. It does so whilst operating complex assets in harsh environments subject to strict regulatory controls and with an ageing workforce. To achieve these objectives, ONG Operators need to innovate in all aspect of their operations and strive for continuous improvement and Safe and Reliable Operations. Operators need to leverage information from a multitude of systems and data formats and present this information to Operations and Maintenance Teams in a manner consistent with their role and responsibility. It is imperative Operators are confident the information presented is derived from the "Single Source of Truth across the organisation and effective decision making is enabled consistent with the Corporate objectives and Safety Case regime.

Optimize to Reform
Fujitsu's extensive experience in asset and information management solutions in mission critical industries coupled with our demonstrated ability to integrate and enhance existing disparate system investments positions Fujitsu uniquely as an organisation who can truly help Organisations achieve Integrated Operation.

Big Data

Oil & Gas businesses constantly face the challenge to work with huge amount of data, which might be structured or unstructured. The information contained therein might be technical, operational, business related or financial in nature. As the companies are bracing for a digital and predictive operating environment, the unstructured data is gaining importance along with structured data, as it is equally crucial in the decision making processes. That makes saving, protecting and employing wealth of both structured and unstructured data all the more important in order to achieve better business results.

Fujitsu have been recognised in the industry for its offerings that help in managing and integrating data of every possible data type flowing in from business and operational processes. Fujitsu assists forward-thinking oil companies improve effectiveness and efficiency across their enterprises and supply chains using big data technology to become more agile and make data-driven, faster decisions in several crucial areas. The challenges tackle by Fujitsu for its clients normally include:

  • Lack of sufficient technology and analytic skills
  • Confusion about technology options
  • The deficiency of pre- and post- analytics processes

Fujitsu assists Oil and Gas organisations during all the stages of the value chain, from Exploration to Trading, as they are particularly interested in using big data solutions to improve efficiencies and enhance predictive analysis. Examples include:

  • Monitoring rig performance in real-time;
  • Comparing live performance with historic trends;
  • Establishing alerts;
  • Using predictive analysis to suggest approaches for coping with anomalies.

Essentially, Fujitsu's big data services allow oil companies to shift from reactive to being proactive.

Submarine Solutions

Fujitsu has been providing cutting-edge submarine cable networks to the global marketplace since 1969. Our goal has always been to link the very latest developments in technology to the deepest needs of people around the world.

With Over 40 years of experience in submarine networks Fujitsu delivers turn-key subsea systems or capacity expansion of existing networks, supplying a full complement of network elements for:

  • Repeatered Submarine Systems and
  • Unrepeatered Submarine Systems

No other company in the industry can match Fujitsu's legendary record of reliability: NOT A SINGLE FAILURE IN COMMERCIAL SERVICES FOR MORE THAN 40 YEARS!

Entertainment Systems

During non-work hours it is important that employees have acces to voice and internet services in their accommodation to keep in contact with family and friends and have entertainment such as free-to-air TV, PayTV such as online video or TV, or satellite TV. Such solutions are not 'one size fits all' and the requirments for content such as video varies within the Oil & Gas sector. Flexibility over the entertainment services is a major requirement as is the need for these to be provided cost effectively.

Globally Fujitsu is a provider of Fibre to the Premise (FttP) solutions delivering voice, internet, PayTV, Free-To-Air TV and satellite TV. For the past 5 years, Fujitsu has designing, building, and managing FttP solutions into housing estates, multi-dwelling units and mining camps. More recently the FttP solution has provided in premise smart automation for energy management in real time to enable consumption to be reduced which is very relevant in remote locations. Fujitsu's FttP solutions are ethernet or GPON based with the latter delivering clearly identifiable benefits over Ethernet to the Oil & Gas industry and are flexible to meet the requirements of specific locations.

Strategic Procurement

Oil & Gas organisations are increasingly relying on outsourced services and labour to Expand First (EPCMs) in order to focus on their core competencies, access external expertise, manage changes in work volumes and lower operational costs. However, most organisations run projects in separate silos, with different procurement centres contracting for these services, driving up costs, diluting control, causing inefficiencies and creating risk and compliance issues. To manage these challenges, companies have to improve the management of services procurement and realise opportunities to save significant amounts of money, provide visibility into and control over operations, together with increasing their resilience against the risk of non-compliance with policies and regulations.

Fujitsu Strategic Procurement solutions for Oil & Gas allow organisations to realise substantial savings by improving visibility and automating procurement across services and labour categories; and enforce compliance and mitigate risk by providing the legal and financial controls that are required when relying on global services and outsourced labour.


Oil & Gas organisations have always been at the forefront for leveraging emerging technology to manage business operations, processes, people and information. To streamline their value chain – upstream, midstream and downstream – they have invested heavily in IT infrastructure, enterprise resource management systems, and leading integrated digital oilfield solutions, delivering marked productivity improvements. However, in today’s hyper-competitive and global energy environment, many Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCMs), upstream, midstream and downstream organisations are finding that these improvements are not enough to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and are turning to mobile technology as the next catalyst for growth and profitability.

Fujitsu’s mobile solutions help achieve tangible business benefits. They improve worker productivity by minimizing idle time, unnecessary travel and redundant data entry; bring considerable cost reductions, since companies using mobile technology can handle increased work volumes without proportionate increases in staffing levels; improve flow of information to and from field employees; allow engineers to do a better job of servicing critical assets; improve Employee Satisfaction through having the right tools and resources to do the job; can reduce Regulatory Fines and improve Compliance; streamline Sales and Supply Chain Management; and maximize the value of back-end systems.

Operational Support Systems

The Operational Support / Business Support System is a suite of hardware and software components integrated as an end-to-end solution. The focus of the solution is to enable the organisation to monitor, control, analyse and manage customer service and their supporting infrastructure. The OSS/BSS can be implemented with varying focusses but is holistically capable of spanning the entire business process through Fulfilment, Operational Support and Readiness, Assurance and Billing and Revenue management. An OSS/BSS is generally based on COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products which can be used 'out of the box' or enhanced through customisation and integration.

Fujitsu works with and has strategic alliances with a number of leading OSS/BSS vendors (i.e. including HP, Computer Associates, Infovista, IBM and Amdocs) who specialise in discrete and broad based OSS solutions.

Network Management Solutions

Fujitsu provides managed network services and has developed a service framework that includes best of breed management tools with standardised processes for activities such as network monitoring, security management, performance management, capacity management and end to end fault management. Fujitsu's tools are fully integrated into the Fujitsu Service Desk who provide proactive incident management for all network related faults.

Fujitsu's Network Managed Services provide a total 'end to end' service for all data and IP enabled network so that business IT processes can be entrusted to Fujitsu with complete confidence.

Fujitsu as an Infrastructure Outsourcing specialist has expertise in applications, service desks, desktop management, data centre hosting, seamlessly integrating all services to many large government and corporate organisations. Fujitsu can manage existing networks or migrate customers onto new network technologies with minimum risk or disruption and without the requirement for additional capital investment.

Managed network services provide:

  • Committed network performance levels;
  • Service level agreements that match business requirements;
  • Cost reductions based on Total Cost of Ownership analysis; and
  • A proactive service development programme to continuously evolve the service