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Industry Solutions

Fujitsu has a wealth of experience in delivering custom services and solutions to a range of different industries. With solid expertise in the areas of Government, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Health and Justice, Fujitsu's practitioners deploy strategic consulting, technical design, implementation and management capabilities across all our business solutions.

Automotive Solutions Automotive

Fujitsu is a strategic partner to the global automotive industry. We provide world-class technology, services and solutions for improving efficiency, reducing costs and helping our multinational clients gain maximum benefit from their global assets.

Defence Logistics Solutions automotive

Fujitsu offers an online, interactive Defence Logistics Management System that has been implemented by all three members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Known as COMSARM, it meets all current Defence Logistics and Explosive Ordnance (EO) requirements, and differs from conventional stock systems in that it caters specifically for military items.

Energy and Utilities Energy and Utilities

Fujitsu assists gas utilities, electric utilities, energy transmission and transportation companies, and energy exploration and production companies operating in regulated and deregulated environments. It also assists energy retailers and independent market/system operators that do business in deregulated environments.

Financial Services Fujitsu Financial Services

The Financial Services Industry in Australia and New Zealand comprises more than thirty percent of total private sector activity, and underpins the economic growth of the broader community. Today there is significant opportunity to step out from the pack, and differentiate in terms of customer experience and value.

Government Federal Government and Local Government

The information age has brought about a huge rise in citizen expectations of public services. Governments around the world are transforming themselves to provide higher quality, more accessible services - enabling their citizens to take part in an electronically connected society.

Healthcare Picture of a man and a woman talking while looking at a clipboard

Fujitsu's healthcare solutions team is a leading provider of enterprise consulting, e-Business and outsourcing solutions to Government and private organisations.

Justice Fujitsu Justice Solutions

Changes in community attitudes and technologyare redefining the Justice Services industry. Police 'forces' are transforming into 'service' agencies that must exploit the latest technology to liaise effectively with the community and to counter increasingly sophisticated and organised criminals. Courts are resorting to technology to reduce time to trial and minimise lengthy adjournments caused by incomplete briefs and court scheduling difficulties.

Retail Solutions Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand Retail Solutions

The retail industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Cross-border expansion, omni-channel selling and order fulfillment with a 360 degree view, the mobile device and smarter back office technologies are transforming shopper expectations and experience, store operating models and business performance.

Telecommunications IT-Services_lpr

Fujitsu has been at the leading edge of telecommunications IT for over 60 years having been formed as a communications company in the 1930s. All our offerings are designed to enhance the customer experience and deliver operational efficiency and staff effectiveness.