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Managing our Environmental Impact

We take our commitment to the environment and sustainability seriously. As a way to promote and credibly measure our environmental improvement we have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the international standard ISO14001.

Our EMS requires us to collect information and measure the performance of our operations and activities in the key areas that have an environmental impact.

Globally, the Fujitsu Group were awarded ISO 14001 certification for our Japanese consolidated subsidiaries in 2004 and achieved global integrated certification in fiscal year 2005. By the end of FY2010 we proudly achieved a global integrated ISO 14001 certification covering all 103 of Fujitsu’s company operations.

In addition, to improve our group-wide environmental management activities, through our EMS we are also continuously working to include environmental audits and internal education to further enhance our environmental creditability.

To read more about our global EMS and ISO14001 accreditation click here:

Fujitsu Group Acquires Worldwide Integrated ISO 14001 Certification
Environmental Management