Connecting data and stakeholders in a trusted way

Fujitsu Track and Trust

Digital ledger technology for supply chain transparency and validation

Reimagining security, traceability, and finality in everyday operations

Today, in the face of an unpredictable and volatile global economy with stressed and brittle supply chains, a stable ecosystem has become even more vital. Maintaining business trust is therefore paramount across all parties. However, this is often difficult to achieve in a centralized world, where traditionally, one party must accept responsibility, accountability, and risk (and be trusted to do so). Generating and maintaining trust in any data collected and the knowledge it creates can often lead to volatility and friction in the ecosystem.

Fujitsu Track and Trust digital ledger technology can enable your organization to:

  • bring a trusted point of validation across production, supply, distribution, and sales networks.
  • deliver a transparent and tamper-proof way of tracing, tracking, and verifying an item’s credentials throughout its journey and lifespan - a seal of authenticity can be quickly and simply illustrated as well as evidenced.
  • provide the supply chain traceability needed to improve operating efficiencies and costs right from the procurement of raw materials through to logistics and beyond - enabling a less wasteful and more efficient supply chain.
  • achieve your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and drive your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy by adding value to your business - through a single, immutable, and transparent dataset to map out your supply chain.

In an enterprise context, blockchain and DLT solutions are rarely standalone solutions. It is by combining with consulting, business advisory and add-on services related to DevOps, data (DataOps), and analytics / AI that you can maximize the business impact.

The Fujitsu Track and Trust digital ledger technology is part of a set of solutions that allow us to help customers solve real-world problems. The implementation of blockchain requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving domains of science and know-how beyond technology. For Fujitsu, it is 80% business and 20% technology driven. The solution center has a multidisciplinary team of developers and technology specialists; business engineers and analysts, process engineers, consultants, scrum masters, UX, enterprise & IT architects, and legal experts.

The Fujitsu Track and Trust DLT platform is built upon three core strengths:


Rapid proposals and effect verification using use cases and MVPs

Proven expertise

Knowledge and technology for blockchain and accumulated know-how


Flexibility to respond to unpredictable changes in the business environment



Trust and Trace: how to verify authenticity, regulate supply chains, and protect the safety of consumers

Supply chains are fragmented and under pressure due to evolving and changing economic realities. In this paper, we demonstrate why trust and trace solutions are imperative across supply chains. We highlight the value of trust and trace and illustrate how distributed ledger technology can enhance and optimize existing business processes by bringing evidence through immutability and finality.

Fujitsu Track and Trust Services – one-stop support

Discovery service

We identify customer issues and consider the functions necessary to solve them. We quickly verify the effect by limiting the participating companies and departments, implementing MVP in the trial environment, and using dummy data.

Period: from 3-6 months

Construction services

Based on the results of the discovery service verification, we pilot it into some of the actual operations and perform practical verification in a small-scale environment. We do this using the connection with the customer's existing business system and data, and implement and improve the necessary functions.

In co-creation with the customer, full scrum and agile, with two sub-phases, MVP Creation and MVP Scale out to production.

Period: from 3-6 months

Operational services

We gradually improve functions and expand participating companies and departments while conducting actual operations.

We are flexible in responding to changes in industry trends and requirements, using discovery services as needed to achieve greater business value with our customers in Full DevOps mode and long-term engagements, where we grow together with the customer.

Period: from about 1 year

Fujitsu Track and Trust – working together to solve your business challenges

Respond to growing consumer awareness of business activities, products and services

Challenge: due to the growing awareness of environmental and social issues, attention has been drawn to corporate activities and production backgrounds. To improve brand value and customer satisfaction, it’s now necessary to show when, where, and how products were made.

Solution: by establishing traceability that connects information from raw material production, procurement, and manufacturing through to inspection, transportation, and over-the-counter sales, you can appeal to consumers who make product choices on environmental, sustainability, and social issues, as well as product quality.


Increased reliability and efficiency in trading

Challenge: in transactions such as international trade procedures, ensuring transaction reliability while delivering transaction processing speed and efficiency is an important factor in thriving in rapidly changing and highly competitive global markets.

Solution: ensure the visibility of trading processes and the automation of contract processes. Along with digitalizing transaction data, Fujitsu Track and Trust DLT enables tamper-proof, high availability data processing, bringing high reliability and efficiency to global transactions, as well as enabling cost reductions and cutting lead times.

Shift to a business model for a resource-recycling economy

Challenge: the conventional economy has been built on a one-way ‘linear’ system of raw material procurement, production, consumption, and disposal. But, with the increase in global initiatives and awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is a need for corporate activities to realize a circular economy in which raw materials and products are recycled and reused, and raw materials and products are used without waste.

Solution: the creation of a highly reliable commercial transaction system that realizes resource recycling in the reuse of limited natural resources. Fujitsu Track and Trust DLT can build a trading market foundation that connects all parties to achieve the expansion and efficiency of resource transactions to deliver a resource-recycling economy.


Fujitsu Track and Trust

track and trust infographic

Strategic partnerships


Fujitsu has been a premier member of the Hyperledger Project since its infancy and contributes to the development of the community.


As a member of the INATBA board of Directors, we provide advice to the European government and others.

Microsoft Azure

Fujitsu is an Azure expert managed service provider. We have the technology necessary to build traceability infrastructure using the Cloud.


Combining our technical and consulting capabilities, we are providing advanced blockchain development platforms.

You can also visit Fujitsu Distributed Ledger Technology to learn more about Fujitsu’s experience, DLT-Blockchain vision and how we are helping to pave the way to stable, trusted, distributed business ecosystems.

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