Managed Networks SD-WAN

Managed Networks SD-WAN Services

Fujitsu Software Defined Wide Area Network Services – Redefining WAN

Over the last few years, the Wide Area Network (WAN) environment has seen some significant changes. Gone are the days of connecting to remote sites and data centers via unwieldy, inflexible pipes - today SD-WAN is offering new possibilities.

New Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technologies and services are offering organizations the ability to redefine how they procure, use, and manage their Wide Area Network. No longer will enterprise organizations need to be chained to a single service provider offering a single expensive WAN service or technology to support their critical business needs. Instead, we will see virtualized network technologies such as SD-WAN offering the panacea to achieve increased business flexibility and agility.

The Benefits of Fujitsu SD-WAN Network Services

  • The freedom to select the right service provider(s) to fit your needs.
  • Significant reduction in WAN costs.
  • The ability to leverage multiple WAN legacy technologies and service providers.
  • Cost-effective WAN technologies with a ‘pick’n’mix’ approach to replace more expensive and inflexible offerings.
  • Simplification, automation, and orchestration of new site deployment.
  • New site and service deployments that can be easily scaled up and down as you need them, and not as and when your service provider can get around to it.
  • New sites and services that you can spin up and down within minutes rather than waiting months – without the associated high deployment costs.
  • Provision of centralized templates to ensure governance and compliance.
  • Dynamic routing of applications over the best WAN link and service provider offering that fits your business needs.
  • In-built encryption and security - which means no more worrying about cyber attacks and hacking.

Why choose Fujitsu as your SD-WAN Network Partner?

At Fujitsu, we define, deploy, and manage SD-WAN technologies and services alongside other Hybrid IT offerings such as; public and private cloud, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation, and Big Data. Our experience deploying these technologies and services for customers over the last few years has led us to develop an in-depth understanding of the impact SD-WAN has on these environments, we can help you overcome any pitfalls you might face.

So, rather than your Wide Area Network being a ‘weight around your organizational neck’, where your business agility is defined by your WAN – why not let your Software Defined - WAN become your strength and provide you with the agility to explore new business opportunities and seize a competitive advantage?

Fujitsu Managed Networks SD-WAN

Transform your network for price, functionality, agility and service gains

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