Symfoware Server Features

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  • Easy installation
  • Easy setup
  • Easy recovery
  • Simplified migration
  • PostgreSQL fully compatible
  • Oracle compatible SQL layer
  • Support for Oracle packages and functions
  • Standby clustering
  • Database multiplexing
  • Secure data encryption
  • Web-based and command line interfaces
  • Application development support
  • Guaranteed 5 years standard support from end of sales period (extendable)
  • Advanced Features >>

Symfoware Server provides effective solutions to common business challenges.

Diagram of features and benefits

Easy Migration

Symfoware Server has been designed to be fully compatible with Open Source PostgreSQL databases, and also offers enhanced compatibility when migrating from existing Oracle® systems.

Previously, migration has proved problematic due to high workload and expenditure. This problem is resolved by significantly reducing migration time so that budget restraints and business disruption are no longer a major concern.

The use of PostgreSQL technology enables integration with a wide range of software bundles, information utilization systems, development tools, and application runtime environments. This means that there is no need for additional investment in new software systems. User disruption is also avoided due to the ability to retain familiar software products.

  • 80% cost reduction when compared to Oracle
  • 90% compatibility attained when evaluated by the Fujitsu Migration Support Center
  • Migration Tool Set: Assessment tool / Migration tool / Migration Guide & Case Study
  • PL/extJava: Support for developing stored procedures using Java, based on PL/Java (OSS)

postgreSQL and Oracle migration diagram

Reduced Setup Costs

Symfoware Server employs a minimal setup process based on optimized resource deployment. The setup process performs dynamic hardware resource detection during installation and the software is automatically tuned with the customer’s server configuration. This simplified installation and setup process allows the system to be implemented within a very efficient time frame, allowing for significant savings in technical labor costs.

Reduced setup costs

Database Multiplexing

Database multiplexing provides enhanced database redundancy by not using shared disks; instead it works by multiplexing the database itself. The allocation of a disk to each server means loss of important data can be prevented, even if a fault occurs on a disk.

In Symfoware Server, databases are multiplexed using the streaming replication feature of PostgreSQL. In addition, you can also use the independent features of Symfoware Server to detect faults in processing, disk errors, network issues, or to automatically execute database switchover or disconnection (when using the Symfoware Server Mirroring Controller option).

These features enable fast and reliable resumption of operations.

Database multiplexing

Maintaining Data Integrity

If a database problem occurs or if data is accidentally deleted, recovery can be performed with a single click, so there is almost no need for technical user intervention. Media recovery can be executed using GUI or server commands.

Installation and setup diagram

Enterprise-class Support

The Symfoware Server Development Division works in unison with the Support Division to provide a permanently aligned best-of-breed support service. Long-term standard support is provided for a period of five years, starting from the end of the sales phase for the product release. In addition, an extended support option is also available to customers for ongoing assurance, so that future support and system confidence is a guaranteed business outcome.

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