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For details of Symfoware products, see the page of Symfoware.

1. Email to Symfoware Web staff

For inquiry about Symfoware products, if any contact in your country is listed below, contact there first.
To contact Symfoware Web staff directly, send an email to the following address:

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Singapore Fujitsu Asia Pte. Ltd. web site
Malaysia Fujitsu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. web site
Thailand Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) web site
Philippines Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. web site
Indonesia PT. Fujitsu Indonesia web site
Vietnam Fujitsu Vietnam Limited web site

East Asia

Korea Fujitsu Korea Limited web site
China Fujitsu (China) Holdings Co., Ltd. web site
Hong Kong Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited web site
Taiwan Fujitsu Taiwan Limited web site

West Asia

India Fujitsu India Private Limited, Fujitsu Consulting India Private Limited web site


Australia Fujitsu Australia web site
New Zealand Fujitsu New Zealand Limited web site

North America

USA Fujitsu America Inc. web site
Canada Fujitsu Canada, Inc.web site

Central America

Mexico Fujitsu Mexico Systems S.A. de C.V.Business activities
Tel: +52-664-634-1931
Fax: +52-664-634-1948
Blvd. Sanchez Taboada No. 9250 Local 23
Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, C.P. 22010
Tijuana, Baja California

South America

Brazil Fujitsu do Brasil Ltda. web site


England Fujitsu Services Ltd. web site
Ireland Fujitsu (Ireland) Limited web site
Continental Europe Fujitsu Technology Solutions Finland, Fujitsu Finland Oy web site


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