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Symfoware Server Benefits

Symfoware Server provides a cost effective migration solution by reducing technical overheads, and providing enhanced compatibility for Oracle® migration. Additional value is gained from easy installation, easy setup, and a much simplified recovery system.

Symfoware Server leverages the technology of Open Source PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open-source database system. As a result, Symfoware Server is fully compatible with Open Source PostgreSQL and applications can run un-changed.

Symfoware Server uses Fujitsu developed easy setup and recovery features that ensure seamless integration into existing business systems to provide easy installation, along with an intuitive interface. Because of this, you now no longer have to meet the challenge of allocating specific database expertise.

Symfoware Server enhanced compatibility with Oracle® databases has been achieved by using the SQL interface and Connectors of Open Source PostgreSQL.

A broad spectrum of development options are made available through the use of carefully considered software bundles, information utilization systems, development tools, and application runtime environments.

The improved high reliability and high performance along with the advantage of long-term support and a competitive price point has created substantial benefits to further compliment intelligent business data systems for enterprise level business.


  • Simplified setup and recovery
  • Seamless integration into pre-existing systems
  • Reduced staff overheads
  • Cost-effective migration process
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Increased transaction throughput
  • Simplified queries
  • Better scheduling ability
  • Provision for ultra fine-grained query statistics for use with monitoring tools
  • Proven product quality
  • Guaranteed on-going support options