Symfoware Server

Fujitsu is a leader in developing database systems with over 40 years experience and has attained proven product quality in this market.

Symfoware Server is Fujitsu's relational database management system, providing large capacity, high performance and high stability for business systems globally. Designed for mission-critical transaction processing solutions, it is widely used for both e-business and bricks-and-mortar business models.

The core technology behind Symfoware provides a number of unique functions that make it an ideal choice as a cost-effective intuitive data management solution.

Symfoware Server is the next generation of the Symfoware product family. It combines the core strengths of Fujitsu’s Symfoware database technology with the strengths of Open Source PostgreSQL. This provides a database that can be used with a wide range of applications where fast and effective data management is of paramount importance.

Symfoware Server is available for Linux and Windows operating environments.

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