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XBRL-enabling Solutions

Regulatory bodies around the globe are driving the adoption of standards for financial reporting. For instance, with the recent Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) mandate, the 500 largest companies in the U.S. have begun filing their year-end financial reports in XBRL from June of 2009, and all publicly traded companies will follow suit by 2011.

Many publicly traded organizations have expansive global operations with multiple systems and thousands of specialized processes for financial reporting. Enabling all these elements for XBRL using in-house capabilities is not a viable option for many companies.

For vendors in the financial reporting chain that serve as intermediaries between the regulatory bodies and listed companies—such as filing companies and accounting firms—the current XBRL momentum provides a significant market opportunity.

Fujitsu is a pioneer in the XBRL arena and contributes significantly to the evolution of the XBRL standard. Intermediaries looking to go to market quickly with their XBRL products and services can take advantage of Fujitsu's XBRL software as well as expertise, and build partnerships to meet broader business goals.

Interstage XWand is a market-tested, proven solution that facilitates fast, easy and accurate deployment of XBRL solutions to provide your clients with a truly differentiated, customized and optimized reporting solution.

Interstage Partner Program

The Interstage Partner Program helps solution and service providers to easily incorporate XBRL into their offerings to meet their clients' needs by assisting them with filing in XBRL format and to significantly simplify the ways they collect, track, and analyze financial data within and across their organizations. This partner program provides OEM, reseller, and referral partners with support and services to help accelerate the time-to-value of their XBRL-enabled solutions. To learn more, visit the partner portal icon-newwindow.