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FUJITSU Software Interstage XWand is a comprehensive and integrated suite of products that helps create, test, report, collect, and analyze financial data in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), a standard format that aids the disclosure and exchange of financial information quickly and accurately.

Rich Application Development Environment

Comprehensive development environment to guide developers in building full-featured, robust, and scalable XBRL applications.

  • Developer can focus on business logic instead of worrying about complexities of XBRL, including Inline XBRL (iXBRL)
  • Complete documentation and sample programs to help rapidly build XBRL-enabled applications
  • Develop XBRL applications with technology that best suits developers' needs: Java or .NET API
  • Adhere to the latest standards and leverage current XBRL technologies, including XBRL 2.1, Dimensions, Formula 1.0, Table Linkbase, and iXBRL

Robust, Industrial Strength Deployment Platform

State of the art runtime environment to deploy XBRL applications built with Interstage XWand Application Development environment

  • Powerful XBRL Processor allows applications comprehensive access to all XBRL features and functions
  • Deploy XBRL applications on enterprise grade platform built for performance and scalability
  • Java and .NET libraries are tuned for heavy concurrent use to handle large loads
  • MS Windows Server, Solaris, and Red Hat Linux are supported

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Tools

Feature-rich collection of tools empowers users to create XBRL taxonomies, reports, and business rules.

  • Build, validate and analyze XBRL submissions for the US SEC, UK HMRC (leveraging full iXBRL support) or other regulatory bodies
  • Create taxonomies, extensions and instances with easy to use tools that support all aspects of XBRL document development and testing
  • Quickly view and compare multiple filings side by side without in-depth knowledge of XBRL
  • Audit the accuracy and correctness of XBRL instances and their taxonomies, including custom validation, to ensure that reports comply with internal and external rules
  • Perform validation according to EDGAR Filer Manual to reduce costly and timely filing cycles
  • Accelerate filing process by validating several reports as a batch process
  • Adhere to the latest XBRL standards, including iXBRL, with extensive validation and optimization capabilities
  • Leverage industry established best practices for reporting such as Financial Reporting Taxonomies Architecture(FRTA), Financial Reporting Instance Standard(FRIS), and Global Filing Manual(GFM)
  • Ease of use and intuitive navigation with drag-and-drop environment, context-sensitive menus, and contextual grouping
  • Powerful search-and-filter capabilities to rapidly find relevant data
  • Review the documents in non-XBRL formats, e.g. HTML, or transfer XBRL data to business intelligence, graphing, and charting applications
  • Extensive and fully integrated support for iXBRL makes creation of HMRC compliant documents more efficient and less error-prone. Interstage XWand is a recognized iXBRL solution by the UK HMRC. See Open a new window.

Integration with MS Office Productivity tools

  • Map MS Excel spreadsheets to taxonomies only once and repurpose for multiple uses
  • Repurpose the mapping to convert data directly from MS Excel spreadsheets to automatically generate XBRL reports
  • Use MS Word to easily tag data with XBRL tags and generate XBRL instances and iXBRL documents

Cover any types of XBRL submission / collection systems

Interstage XWand provides capabilities of XBRL editing, Excel to XBRL transformation, Word to XBRL transformation and web form API. The web form API is used for building web form submission systems, where submitted form data is saved in turn as XBRL documents on the server side. With these four capabilities, Interstage XWand supports all the major system creation patterns that have been adopted by regulators around the world. In other words, Interstage XWand covers any types of submissions, ranging from those of big companies to small ones and of privately owned companies.

Support the Formula specification and regional rules validation

Interstage XWand implements the latest extensions of the Formula specification. Interstage XWand also enables users to perform validations supporting regional rules such as the EFM in the U.S. and the HMRC Guidelines in the U.K. In addition, users can utilize Fujitsu's query interface to configure and customize their own validations for taxonomies, instances and Inline XBRL data that are not covered by the standards.

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