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Most of us don't think much about "communications networks" even as they touch every part of our lives. And that's how it's supposed to be. Infrastructure should be as invisible as the air we breathe.
Yet essential services are always under pressure to provide better service at less cost-from roads to clean water to electricity. The network is no exception. We continually demand more from it because we're doing more with it, and that means constant pressure for better connectivity, more bandwidth, and new types of service.
Fujitsu open network solutions prove the rewards of the open ecosystem in multiple ways: improving efficiency in network operations and management; simplifying maintenance; speeding up service delivery; and enabling new service offerings.

Open Your Network Opportunity

  • Flexibility

    • Pay-as-you-grow architecture
    • Selectable multimode configurations
    • Common software support and open management
  • Automation

    • Feature-rich system software
    • Modern open management interfaces and tools
    • Third-party scripts and applications
  • Security

    • Compliant data, management and control plane protection
    • Enhanced physical blade defenses

Why Work with Fujitsu?

Today's network platforms are complex and tend to be tightly coupled, proprietary, and vertically integrated. Fujitsu's open architecture physically separates these complex components and logically re-aggregates them with intelligent software.
Fujitsu's vision for the New Optical Networks is based on the combined power of the 1FINITY hardware platform and the Virtuora software system, delivering greater flexibility and modularity for pay-as-you-grow efficiency.

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