PRIMEHPC Specifications

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CPU Name A64FX A64FX
Instraction Set Architecture Armv8.2-A SVE Armv8.2-A SVE
Number of cores Computational node: 48 cores + 2 assistant cores
I/O and computational node: 48 cores + 4 assistant cores
48 cores
Clock 2.2 GHz 1.8 GHz or 2.0 GHz
Theoretical peak performance 3.3792 TFLOPS (double precision) 2.7648 TFLOPS or 3.072 TFLOPS (double precision)
Node Architecture 1 CPU/node 1 CPU/node
Memory capacity 32 GiB (HBM2, 4 stacks) 32 GiB (HBM2, 4 stacks)
Memory bandwidth 1,024 GB/s 1,024 GB/s
Interconnect Tofu Interconnect D InfiniBand EDR / HDR100 (*1)
(*1) EDR and HDR100 cannot be mixed
Main unit Form factor Dedicated rack 2U rack-mount chassis
Maximum number of nodes 384 nodes/rack 8 nodes/chassis
Cooling method Water cooling Air cooling
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
HPC middleware FUJITSU Software Technical Computing Suite
  • FUJITSU Software Compiler Package
  • FUJITSU Software Technical Computing Suite (*2)
    (*2)Only distributed file system (FEFS) is supported
  • Bright Cluster Manager(Bright Computing)
  • Altair PBS Professional(Altair)
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