Case Studies

Human Sensing (Crime Prevention)
A major company customer

It has realized cost reduction for surveillance operations by optimizing identification of suspicious persons and grasping their movement paths when an incident occurs by analyzing human behaviors and characteristics from camera footage taken on the premises.

Behavior Prediction (Crime Prevention)
Amagasaki City (Hyogo Prefecture)

It analyzes the facial expressions and pulse of the person talking on the phone, using camera footage and information from the sensors. It then uses the analysis to estimate the person's psychological condition, such as lowered ability to judge things; this helps a person to avoid being taken in by phone scams by visualizing risks. We are now conducting a field trial of phone scam avoidance in cooperation with City of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.

Context Sensing (Store)
A major company customer

Safe and secure store operation and higher-quality customer service has been realized by analyzing the behaviors of customers using in-store camera footage. This company has introduced Fujitsu's AI video analysis solution, including Actlyzer, aiming to convert its outlets into smart stores.

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