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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solution FJPLEMIA


The Fujitsu PLEMIA (FJPLEMIA) solution is an engineering design data management system that supports Japanese style manufacturing processes and can quickly respond to process change. Implementing FJPLEMIA helps organisations, improves their business processes and makes effective use of existing systems.


In an age where ICT is indispensable in product development, a range of systems is available to organizations for use in their product design and development process.

The current approach is to re-build systems, by either:

  • building a new system to fit the refined business process; or
  • customizing current software packages to fit the customer's business

Building and integrating new systems are often difficult and resource intensive. System construction costs can be significant and users are often not satisfied with these new systems - as a result the operational and cost effectiveness of a new system may be low. This is often because business processes are deeply rooted into the culture of an organization.

Fujitsu believes that transitioning to a new business process, rather than a 'scratch & build', and making effective use of a functioning existing system is a positive solution. FJPLEMIA supports this style of modernization.

Case Study

Case study of Company A

Company A had already built an engineering bill of materials (e-BOM) system. However, the engineering design data which was under the work-in-progress (WIP Design data) was managed by individuals using Microsoft® Excel® worksheets. This was due to the designer's need to collaborate with other designers with much of the adjustments being made before the design was completed. As a result, it had been difficult to share the WIP Design data among all the designers resulting in the fixing of product specifications taking a long time. In addition, managing the data with the existing e-BOM system would have also incurred significant costs.

Company A decided to use FJPLEMIA's "Work in progress management function" to manage the WIP Design data instead of using Microsoft Excel, while leaving the existing system intact.

Company A succeeded in managing the WIP Design data with a minimal ICT investment and subsequently. Improved the traceability of their technical information throughout the design process by connecting information from parts tables to their ERP in FJPLEMIA's Technical information Hub.

Why Fujitsu?

  • We have over 20 years experience in the development of industry leading process solutions for manufacturing.
  • Our solutions follow the concept "connect all phases in manufacturing with the latest ICT" and to this end we utilize these technologies in our own manufacturing processes.
  • Japanese-style manufacturing processes have continually evolved reshaped and strengthened in line with advances in globalization.
  • Utilizing our expertise, we provide a full end- to- end service including the software package, consulting, entrusted development and operational support.

FJPLEMIA Solutions

Configuration management

FJPLEMIA manages configuration-related editing and analysis. This includes editing configurations, assessing difference between multiple configurations and editing matrices of these differences. It is also possible to save, track and transfer the design changes.

BOM according to purpose

Efficient communication of information between processes is achieved through tracking changes to information throughout the entire product life cycle.

Microsoft Excel editor

It is possible to export FJPLEMIA's data to Microsoft Excel. Once exported to a Microsoft Excel worksheet, FJPLEMIA's data is locked and can be edited offline, freeing system resources and application interfaces.

Design-production collaboration

Designers can release designs to related departments as required. Related departments can refer to this design, and adding necessary parameters to the design as required. If the design is changed, information that the related department has added is carried over, enabling full collaboration functionality while allowing each design team to work independently.

Plan design support

Assists in managing requirements, product specifications and technical problems at the plan-design phase. It enables a comparative study of multiple ideas at the planning phase.

Program-less customize function

You can react to business changes efficiently using the flexible 'customize' function to modify display layout, menu, management items and workflow. In addition, it is possible to register add-on programs using standard API.


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