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Leverage the power of your IT

Center of Excellence

Our joint Fujitsu and Oracle Center of Excellence (CoE) at Oracle Germany’s Munich headquarters offers only the most advanced technology. Whether you need to simplify operation and improve management of high-performance grid computing architectures or boost the cost effectiveness of your server and storage systems, you’ll find in-depth IT experience and expertise at our CoE. Let us help you choose an arrangement of components to create the best possible environment. Take advantage of the combined skill and understanding of three market leaders:

  • We provide in-depth consulting and support that cuts across all elements of your IT environment 
  • We display real-life scenarios, including live demonstrations of solutions 
  • To design tailor-made solutions, we use a server and storage platform that is ideal for Oracle environments 
  • We can identify, develop and implement best practices, including solutions, modules and roadmaps, as well as the training and workshops you need to achieve your goals

Get the configurations you’ll need tomorrow today

See for yourself how you can optimize your IT resources for Oracle solutions. All you have to do is get in touch with Fujitsu or Oracle and arrange an appointment.

You can also contact us at

Fujitsu/Oracle Center of Excellence
Atrium B-00-2040
Riesstrasse 25
80992 Munich