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Looking Back on FY 2012

Using Human-Centric ICT to Solve Social Issues

Hideyuki Saso

Hideyuki Saso
Corporate Senior Executive Vice President
and Representative Director, CTO&CMO

Fujitsu has put forth its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, and is working to realize business and social innovation based on a view of ICT that begins with human activities. Against a background of advancing technology, ICT has gained the ability to not only improve productivity but also solve various social issues. Through its penetration in daily life, ICT has become a familiar presence that promotes both cooperation among individuals and better decision-making, and supports creative activities. ICT areas have yet to be extensively adopted in fields such as agriculture, visiting care services, and natural disaster mitigation, but here, too, people are beginning to be served by cloud computing and other new technologies. The use of smart devices, the cloud, and big data will bring significant opportunities to daily life, business, and society. It will also, however, mean increasingly complex risks, and there are growing concerns about cyber attacks and protection of privacy.

The Fujitsu Group thinks about the totality of security, governance, and the protection of privacy in its provision of optimal solution services. Fujitsu is committed to the idea that the sophisticated use of information will be a positive force in helping people bring about change in business and society, and in realizing a sustainable future for the global environment.