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  • Super high brightness surface mount LED
  • 120° viewing angle
  • Ultra low height profile - 1.2mm
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering
  • Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance
  • Excellent reliability with nitride phosphor system

Where Intensity Meets Creativity

Enter the PRIMAX, the new era of high intensity illumination in LED. With its high flux output and high luminous intensity, PRIMAX transcends today LED lightings technology and how we perceive it. The small package outline and high intensity make it an ideal choice for backlighting, signage, exterior automotive lighting and decorative lighting. The appealing factor that PRIMAX augments also give rise to creative illuminations in general lightings and channel lightings.

Data Sheets

Phosphor Conversion Technology

Primax5 150 InGaN Warm White NSF-FSC (Quarter Bin) - Catalogue-v7
Primax5 150 InGaN Warm White NSF-FSC - Catalogue-v3
Primax5 150 InGaN White NSW-FSC - Catalogue-v3
Primax5 150 InGaN White NSW-FSC-8R9S-1 - Catalogue-v4
Primax5 150 InGaN White NSW-FSG - Catalogue-v2