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Dominant office headquartersDOMINANT Opto Technologies is a dynamic Malaysian Corporation that is amongst the world’s leading SMT LED manufacturers. Since year 2000, the prime activities of the company are in designing, developing and manufacturing of opto semiconductor components mainly Light Emitting Diodes.

DOMINANT offers a comprehensive LED to cater for product segments for automotive, consumer, communications and industrial applications to fulfill the worldwide demand of LED applications.

All key personnel in DOMINANT have more than 20 years in-depth technical knowledge in opto semiconductors and as a continuously improving organization. DOMINANT strives to improve the technical level with advance recruitment and cross project development with various leading multinational companies.

Building up on its extensive experience, DOMINANT never stops pursuing the highest quality with its state-of-art manufacturing, innovating, researching and testing capabilities. DOMINANT’s philosophy is TQM (Total Quality Management) to ensure customers’ satisfaction, employees’ loyalty and stakeholders’ confidence.

DOMINANT has become a trusted and reliable brand acknowledged across the globe and is dedicated to meet the challenge of the global market to remain as the first one stop choice for designing, packaging and manufacturing of opto semiconductor solutions.



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