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Perfecting Storage Virtualization with Fujitsu and FalconStor NSS

March 12, 2012

The biggest storage challenges today are the same as before: a) data loss and security; b) insufficient resources for important applications; c) limited budgets; d) lack of disaster recovery (DR) planning; and e) poor management tools. The search for a "one size fits all" storage solution continues to this day. As data storage continues to grow, so to do the problems of efficient storage management, cost effective use, and growth. This has led to the adoption of storage virtualization and thin provisioning to improve resource use, simplify management, and reduce costs.

To fully meet these needs without compromise, Fujitsu has developed a flexible and robust solution. This is based on the solid foundations of the latest high performance industry standard PRIMERGY servers, highly scalable and secure ETERNUS DX disk storage systems, together with one of the world's leading storage virtualization software solutions - FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS). Fitting into existing heterogeneous storage environments, it enables transition from headache including disparate and complex storage operations, to a much more cost-effective and fully consolidated storage virtualization infrastructure.

A solution for tight budgets and relentless data growth

It makes sense to use 'virtualization' techniques to resolve your storage dilemma by consolidating the many storage systems into a storage resource pool and then managing them as a single entity.

Thin Provisioning

The situation becomes even better if you can then use 'thin provisioning' to allow the servers into think they already have all the storage they need. This means you don't have to provide it up-front – lowering initial provisioning costs. Further, because each system already assumes it has everything, it will have no objections when you actually add more capacity. This converts storage expansion into the simple and straightforward process of adding physical disk drives.

Centralized Management

With everything now centrally provisioned, you can simplify management of the entire storage pool. Everything can be addressed as though it was a single storage system, irrespective of number of physical storage units. Some can even be from different suppliers. A single console can be used to run FalconStor NSS and manage the solution and its processes. This includes the movement of data from older legacy systems to the latest storage environments as required.

The Fujitsu + FalconStor NSS Solution Environment

Ongoing Benefits

Once fully installed, the Fujitsu + FalconStor NSS solution provides a range of ongoing benefits. These include:

  1. WAN-optimized data replication that can use smaller bandwidth connections and lower the cost of building a practical and cost-effective DR strategy.
  2. Dual deployment solutions for organizations needing high data availability.
  3. Cross-array synchronous mirroring for the highest levels of data protection for Tier-1 data.
  4. The ability to use snapshots to save on duplicate backup storage space.
  5. The use of virtualized memory for applications that require the highest levels of retrieval performance.
  6. Integration with VMware environments and full support to extends the VMware VAAI interface standards.


The Fujitsu + FalconStor NSS solution delivers the following business advantages:

  • Controls storage management costs and reduced complexity
  • Minimum system downtime for the highest levels of business continuity
  • Comprehensive protection for all data assets
  • The performance, robustness, and scalability that allows service level flexibility

This means: Reduced costs, improved quality, increased performance, and outstanding scalability.

Together, Fujitsu + FalconStor NSS will reshape your IT infrastructure for the better.