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The Flexible Data Safe Fujitsu's Next Generation Disk Storage Systems

ETERNUS DX S2 – The Flexible Data Safe

The proliferation of data and information is one the biggest challenges in every business environment. To keep pace, data is now mostly collected in digital form. But with the growth in value of this digitized information, disk storage systems, which are the managed repositories of such data, must deliver functions and flexibility to ensure there is no limit to new business activities. They must also maintain non-stop access, growth, and data integrity at all times. In addition, as data sizes grow, the data storage system will need to eliminate performance and bandwidth bottlenecks, use energy more efficiently, and take up less floor space.

But in really protecting your organization's investment one important factor comes to the fore - and that is flexibility.

The flexibility to ensure that the storage you have now can be deployed in any future infrastructure. And the flexibility to integrate with the best enterprise applications and new virtualized environments, including private clouds. This will give you the consolidation capability for future cost savings.

In developing this second generation of ETERNUS DX disk storage (designated ETERNUS DX S2) Fujitsu has enhanced its "Data Safe" concept to match these important requirements. That is why ETERNUS DX S2 is called the "Flexible Data Safe" and it is firmly focused on providing benefits today, and in the future.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX S2 provides you with a wide variety of options in: disk technology, capacity, performance, and connectivity. These ensure unmatched growth from entry level systems right up to the largest enterprise class storage environment. It also means that data can reside on storage technology that is best matched to its use and value - even within a single cabinet.

Every model has the same common yet versatile system architecture and uses the same comprehensive management capability. This best supports seamless integration of future technologies and makes it simpler to handle new requirements.

Flexible, cost effective, and with great compatibility, today's ETERNUS DX S2 family currently contains the following models:

  • ETERNUS DX80 S2 / DX90 S2 - affordable disk storage solutions for small and mid-sized environments. They provide flexible growth options up to enterprise class systems.
  • ETERNUS DX410 S2 / DX440 S2 - designed for mid-range and large enterprises. They have outstanding price/performance and near-petabyte scalability.

Maximum Levels of Flexibility

The new ETERNUS DX S2 family has dramatically improved flexibility in a range of important areas:


ETERNUS DX S2 is "The Flexible Data Safe".

The enterprise capabilities of all ETERNUS DX models already ensure business continuity in data center environments. But starting with the entry class ETERNUS DX90 S2, you can now exploit advanced enterprise class features, which include the ability to handle remote data replication using either synchronous or asynchronous communication links.

For the highest in data integrity, the entire ETERNUS DX S2 family has powerful features like Data Block Guard to protect your most important digital assets. Also included are preemptive detection and hardware-failure bypass mechanisms that prevent data corruption. You can also choose to optionally write all data to disk encrypted. This prevents sensitive data from unwanted access and provides data protection even after the system is decommissioned.

Data Protection with Data Block Guard

Data Protection with Data Block Guard

Redundant hardware components and support for hot-plug replacement are other standard but essential features provided by this highly reliable storage family. All relevant disk storage RAID levels are supported. This gives administrators the ability to balance their security requirements against required performance and operating cost restrictions.


Today's dynamic and virtualized infrastructures depend on the highest possible storage performance.

The existing ETERNUS DX systems already feature the world's fastest dual controller mid-range disk storage system. This has the world's best price/performance ratio (proven by SPC-1, the independent Storage Performance Council's primary benchmark). But to affect a more flexible future deployment policy, and the need to operate in dynamic and virtualized infrastructures, this second generation ETERNUS DX S2, exceeds those excellent figures. It provides innovative enhancements that will allow further performance boosts. For example the storage controllers are powered by the latest high performance Intel® Xeon® processors. In addition the system cache in the larger enterprise systems has tripled in capacity, while the bandwidth has been doubled on the internal disk drive connections.

All models are designed using a common modular architecture. This allows highly flexible configuration options. You can choose from iSCSI, Fibre Channel or FCoE, up to the highest available bandwidth. As your needs change ETERNUS DX S2 can easily be reconfigured to fit future storage networks with higher bandwidths. The FCoE interface is particularly beneficial, as it provides a way to implement future network convergence in the data center.


ETERNUS DX S2 is green, cost efficient and easy to manage.

In its December 2010 survey, "Competitive Landscape: Green Storage Solutions," the research company Gartner praised ETERNUS DX as a storage solution strongly positioned from a green and efficiency perspective.

This has continued and is further improved with this new generation. The use of 2.5" disks and a new chassis has further decreased the footprint needed per terabyte of storage. This in turn lowers your costs of power and cooling.

In addition:

Fujitsu Eco-mode spins down disk drives when they are idle.

Thin Provisioning minimizes initial acquisition costs and saves on the costs associated with keeping unused disk capacity spinning.

Sophisticated 3-level storage tiering and RAID Migration enables you to fine-tune your SLA's for different application situations. It also allows you to optimize and balance your requirements for cost reductions, performance, access times, data lifespan, and ease of use.

ETERNUS SF V15 is the latest version of Fujitsu's common storage management software. It provides centralized and remote management for ETERNUS storage environments.

Purpose-designed to reduce the total cost of ownership, ETERNUS SF V15 simplifies storage management and provides ease setup - even when choosing the highest levels of business and data management continuity. In addition administrators can efficiently manage their entire storage infrastructure from a single terminal.

The task-oriented user interface eliminates complexity, reduces training effort, and removes the prospect of additional hidden costs.

ETERNUS SF V15 supports both the simplest of operations and organizations requiring multi-tenancy SLA and billing features.

It also matches the needs of highly virtualized data centers by providing a deeper insight into overall operations and helping to identify additional optimization potential.


How to answer tomorrows questions today.

The extremely flexible internal architecture of the second generation ETERNUS DX S2, coupled with identical disk components for all models, means system compatibility across the entire family. This simplifies the path to future technologies and facilitates seamless capacity and performance growth.

From the ETERNUS DX80 S2 model upwards, your ability to perform timesaving data-in-place model upgrades and capacity growth, greatly improves investment protection.

The innovative architecture also ensures all, controllers, cache, host interfaces, disk enclosures and disks, are field upgradable to the latest state-of-the art technology.

Each model can also be configured with a mix of different drive types, even in the same enclosure, and a mixture of different drive enclosures.

With ETERNUS DX S2 compatibility there is certainty that you will be able to act flexibly and quickly to meet growth and changing business needs.

But compatibility also needs to cover external system interoperability including using in virtualized server environments and cloud computing.

ETERNUS DX S2 has been tested and certified with a broad range of server brands and operating systems. It will fit seamlessly into multi-vendor server infrastructures.

It also offers all the required features for reliability and high availability in VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen environments.

VMware vStorage APIs for array integration (VAAI) have been incorporated into ETERNUS DX S2. This provides improved use of clustering and pooling capabilities in VMware Infrastructures. It also allows the offloading of server tasks to the storage hardware for more balanced processing. In addition you can leverage array-based capabilities like snapshots, provisioning, replication and restore directly with individual virtual machines.

The ETERNUS DX S2 family is a key component in Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures Blocks, which are offered as pre-tested, tightly integrated, and scalable turnkey packages. These solutions deliver replicable validated Dynamic IT infrastructures that help you deploy virtual infrastructures much faster and with less risk.

The "why" of ETERNUS DX S2

ETERNUS DX S2 new architecture delivers high flexibility paired with future aware data safety, performance, efficiency and compatibility.

ETERNUS DX S2 means connectivity of choice, seamless scalability, multi-platform (servers, operating systems) support, high availability, and virtualization features.

The ETERNUS DX S2 family matches any enterprise application and infrastructure environment need - for the long term.

All your business critical applications like financial and operational databases, email, business intelligence, back-up and archiving, will benefit from its capabilities.

ETERNUS DX S2 disk storage systems are part of Fujitsu's extensive Dynamic Infrastructures and Private Cloud portfolio. This portfolio provides holistic and certified solutions built using matched servers, storage, networking, software and services. As comprehensive and integrated ICT solutions, they can be ideal options in helping you meet your long term needs – all from a global, full-line supplier, who will work with you as a trusted partner.

Many of Fujitsu's customers are able to grow and diversify with such offerings which provide further choice and superior options as well as system-tailored solutions. These include: Storage-As-a-Service, Managed storage, and Effective financing options.