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Optimized Backup and Archiving with new ETERNUS CS High End

June 12, 2012

The new generation of Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End Data Protection Appliances allows businesses to extensively consolidate and simplify their backup and archiving systems for mainframes, UNIX and industry standard servers on a large scale, and offers an easy way for enterprises to introduce disaster resilience for backup and archiving.

Backup is only one part of data protection – data archiving is just as important. For various reasons, many IT organizations have established a collection of individual islands consisting of point solutions for backup and archive and also in separated technology islands of disk and tape solutions. So that the different point solution in the data protection infrastructure have little or no synergies between them.
This results in no surprise that backup and archive process management and infrastructure maintenance are extremely complex and expensive. Administrators just try to keep things running and avoid making any changes for as long as possible.

The new ViNS (Virtual Network Storage) functionality supports Active Directory and LDAP environments, allowing an easy integration to Enterprise environments. This allows ETERNUS CS to do in what it is best in: combine the advantages of different technologies like disk, dedup disk and tape with its huge scalability to provide flexible SLAs (service level agreements) and bring it to the NAS environment for backup and archiving proposes.
The extraordinary huge file system of ViNS (2 billion files and no file size limitation) allows big consolidation of backup and archive data on disk. The data protection appliance writes the data in the backend on the desired medium – on tape, on the hard disk, or on the deduplication hard disk. The direct and seamless integration with tape enhances ETERNUS CS ViNS for HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) strategies.
Documents can be managed by retention times and migration policies can be saved in storage classes, including write protection and WORM (Write once, read many) media support of archive functions such as long-term archiving and archiving required by compliance directives. The documents are always saved on the storage tier corresponding to their business value and according to the frequency of their retrieval.

For customers only interested in optimizing their archive environment there are two new ViNS only models available. For most of the other ETERNUS CS High End models ViNS comes in addition to the still unique ETERNUS CS High End capabilities for the backup consolidation in Mainframe, UNIX and x86 Systems. Also in the backup environment the appliance allows the most appropriate media mix of disk, tape and deduplicated disk, in combination with different replication scenarios, to deliver defined SLA's and at the same time cope with budget constraints.
This closes the circle for efficient data protection: ETERNUS CS High End is an optimized backup and archiving target, not only to consolidate point solutions in islands of backup infrastructure and island of archiving infrastructure, but also to consolidate the whole backup and archiving infrastructure and handle different technologies like disk and tape within one appliance: Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End.

To support such an large scale consolidation, scalability of the new version has been significantly enhanced in terms of capacity and performance. By scaling up 16 RAID systems, the internal disk cache can now store up to 3.6 PB of data with excellent write and read performance. To increase performance by 50 per cent, up to ten processor nodes can now work in parallel. This makes ETERNUS CS High End the most scalable data protection appliance on the market.

ETERNUS CS high-end already offers leading functionality for disaster recovery, ensuring efficient data protection by combining two site cache mirroring, multiple data copies and even cascadable data replication. To optimize long-distance replication, native TCP/IP support is added in addition to Fibre-Channel and data can be compressed to reduce network bandwidth requirements and costs.

ETERNUS CS High End is the backbone of Fujitsu's Data Protection strategy, supported by a comprehensive set of services, starting with installation and maintenance up to Managed Services. The Fujitsu portfolio comprises a complete set of best-of-breed products to build and operate efficient data protection environments.

Product Information

ETERNUS CS High End V5.1
Radically Simplifying Data Protection
Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End is an integrated data protection appliance which radically simplifies backup and archiving for open systems and mainframes.