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Hong Kong

Data Centre

Fujitsu, through its global presence, has significant experiences in Internet Data Centre services. We operate a number of data centers in Japan, throughout Asia Pacific and other parts of the world. Fujitsu Hong Kong offers a blend of services including provision of complete data centre managed facilities (floor and rack space, security, controlled power and controlled environment), colocation services, telecommunication services, fully managed monitoring and operational services, hosting, and managed application services. We also offer professional and support services including consultation, network design, project management, relocation and migration services, hardware supply and maintenance services.

Data Centre, Hong Kong

Fujitsu Hong Kong deploys a full portfolio of services from its Data Center in Hong Kong. It consists of managed state-of-the-art and secured Managed Facility as well as Colocation Services, Managed Services, and Professional Services. Our Data Centres are carrier independent, having high bandwidth Internet access, loaded with advanced capabilities and operated within a secure, highly resilient environment and yet have the capacity to cater for rapid growth in demand. With a full range of IT professional services that we have, Fujitsu can deliver to you end-to-end managed services.

Data Centre, Singapore

Fujitsu Hong Kong also operates and manages a Data Centre based in Singapore. The primary focus of this Data Centre at the moment is to provide for Colocation Services. Fujitsu also provides an option to a range of Managed Data Centre Services for customers who are interested in outsourcing their server infrastructure in Singapore.

Brochures: Singapore Data Centre

Data Centres in the Asia Pacific region

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