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Industry IT Services and Solutions

Fujitsu Hong Kong works with enterprises across a broad spread of vertical sectors to help them achieve business goals, in particular fostering close partnerships with MNCs and organizations in financial services, retail, telecommunications, transport and logistics, and government and public services.

Retail retail_global

At Fujitsu, we start thinking about our retail IT services with a focus on the customer experience. In stores, we provide world-class POS solutions and associated services networked to the back office, via cloud. We also offer applications including multi-channel data integration, kiosk systems and digital media solutions.

Financial Services Finacial Services

With the industry seeking to recover from all the recent turmoil, financial services companies are looking for new ways to drive business growth while improving operational efficiency and business agility. Every step of way, they must continue to meet customer demands and regulatory compliance requirements - even when faced with major structural changes caused by merger and acquisition activity, for instance.

IT Solutions for the Telecommunications Sector Telecommunications

Fujitsu has strong heritage in telecommunications sector, uniquely positioned to work with operators to develop bespoke solutions. We provide in-depth knowledge and technical skills for Next Generation Networks, as well as state-of-art unified communications platform to integrate Voice, Fax, Email, SMS and Audio & Video conference functions into a single platform for business of all kinds.

Government & Public Services Solutions Gov_Gobal_250X288

IoT and digitization have brought about a huge rise in citizen expectations of public services. Governments around the world strive to meet these needs by offering higher quality and more accessible services which enable their citizens to be as part of the modern e-society. Fujitsu is helping these Governments to meet the challenges by providing leading edge IT solutions technology, skills and global know-how.

Manufacturing Solutions Manufacture

Fujitsu provides a full range of proven manufacturing solutions for production efficiency and flexibility. We understand requirements of manufacturers in different sizes. No matter their business is engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, repetitive, or a mixed mode operation.

Transport Services Transportation

Fujitsu empowers transport industry to succeed in the next-generation world. Our extensive and tailored IT services and solutions have helped transform the industry by overhauling their IT and communications systems and digitizing their services.