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Fujitsu recommends Windows.

Windows 8.1 Step-by-Step Update User Guide

(Update to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store)

Fujitsu is committed to help you update your PC to Windows 8.1. This user guide will provide you useful information on how to install Windows 8.1 on your Fujitsu PCs. Please click on the hyperlink below to transit to the respective sections that you may require.


Data and Operating System Backup

It is always recommended to backup your personal files before you start the Windows 8.1 update / clean installation. We would advise you to duplicate a copy of the recovery DVDs (Recovery Boot Disc, Factory Image Disc & Application Disc) using the Fujitsu MyRecovery application. Please ensure that you perform this important step as Fujitsu is not liable for any lost customer data.

Based on your machine’s model(s), please refer to the below link to download the Fujitsu MyRecovery guide.

Download Windows 8.1 Drivers and Utilities

To ensure a smooth installation procedure, we would recommend you to visit Fujitsu Support Page for the Windows 8.1 drivers, utilities, firmware, application and documentation.

Please save them to an external media, such as a portable hard disk drive (HDD), to prepare for your Windows 8.1 update / clean installation.

Please click on the respective sections below for the different stages in the update / clean installation procedure:

Windows 8.1 Hardware Requirements

Processor 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster with PAE, NX and SSE2 support
RAM 1 Gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Hard disk space 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
Graphics card Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver (Some features of Windows 8.1 require graphics which support WDDM 1.3)

Models support Windows 8.1 Update:

Series Model Name
A series: AH552, AH532, A532
C series: CH702
D series: D582
E series: E752, E733, E743, E753
L series: LH532, LH522, LH772
P series: P772, PH702, P702
Q series: Q572, Q702, QH582
S series: S752, S762, SH762, SH782, S792, SH792
T series: T902, T732, TH732
U series: UH572, U772, UH554, UH574

Non-supported Windows 8.1 Update Scenario

  • Cross-language installations are not supported.
  • Cross architecture updates from 32-bit operating system to 64-bit operating system are not supported. You will need to do a clean installation.

Fujitsu Requirements and Limitations for Specific Features

There are some limitations after updated to Windows 8.1. Please refer to Fujitsu Support Page for the deatils.
Here shows some limitations.

Security Related Features
Security features bundled in Fujitsu notebook such as the Absolute Data Protection, Security Panel, BIOS/HDD password and Omnipass require corresponding software or utility to manage. We would advise you to backup all user profiles and remove all your passwords before the update.

Fujitsu Applications / Utilities / Drivers
The following applications and features will no longer be supported after the Windows 8.1 update:

  • Finger Zoom
  • Fujitsu Tablet PC Button/Security Button
  • Intel® WiDi
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • Mouse Pad Gestures
  • Norton Internet Security

Please refer to the Fujitsu Support Page for any updated versions and patches of the utilities and drivers.

Pre-update Steps

To ensure a smooth Windows 8.1 update experience, please complete the following steps before proceeding with the Update:-

  1. Login your computer with system administrator permissions
    Please sign in your computer using an account with system administrator permissions.
  2. Connect to the internet
    Please connect your computer to the internet before commencing on the update.
    ** Wired connection is recommended.
  3. Connect your computer to an AC Power
    It is important to connect AC adaptor to your system during upgrading.
  4. Ensure your Windows 8 PC has the latest Windows updates batches
    We recommend users to apply all important Windows updates via the “Windows Update” before proceeding to update.

    To check for updates in Windows Update

    1. (For models with Touch screen) Open Windows Update in Control Panel by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search
      (For models without Touch screen) If you' are using a mouse, move the cursor pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen. Then move the mouse pointer down, and clicking Search.
    2. Entering Windows Update in the search box, tapping or clicking Settings, and then tapping or clicking Install updates.
    3. In the left pane, tap or click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your PC.
    4. If updates are found, tap or click Install updates.
  5. Backup hard disk data
    We recommend users to perform a full backup of your files in case update procedure fails. Please backup all your important data and save them in a safe location before the update. The following list is a few suggestions on how to backup your critical data safely:
    • Copy the important data into a network folder
    • Burn the data into a CD or DVD
    • Backup to an external storage (such as a hard drive or USB thumb drive)
    **Fujitsu is not liable for any data loss in the update process.
  6. Burn Windows 8 Recovery Media
    We recommend users to duplicate a copy of the System Recovery DVDs before performing any update action. Please ensure that you have a copy of the Recovery Boot Disc, Factoy Image Disc & Application Disc. User may use the Recovery Media Set in case they want to revert back the system to Windows 8. However, all user data will be lost after the reverse process.

    Based on your model(s), please refer to below link for downloading the MyRecovery Guide applicable to your machine. My Recovery Guide Download Link:
  7. Clear Security Passwords
    We recommend user to clear the security feature passwords before the update as follows:
    • BIOS Setup Passwords (Master / User)
    • BIOS Hard Disk Passwords (Master / User)
    • Security Panel Passwords (Supervisor / User)
    **If necessary, please backup your Omnipass profile
  8. Download Windows 8.1 Drivers, Utilities, Firmware, Applications and Documentation
    Please visit Fujitsu Support Page for the Windows 8.1 drivers,utilities, firmware, applications and documentation.

    Please save them to an external media, such as a portable hard disk drive (HDD), to prepare for your Windows 8.1 update / clean installation.
  9. Software Utility and Drivers Un-installation Procedure
    Refering to your hardware configuration, please uninstall the following applications, drivers, and utilities before Windows 8.1 update:
    • WIDCOMM Bluetooth software
    • Finger Zoom
    • FJ Camera
    • Fujitsu System Manager
    • Fujitsu Tablet Button driver
    • McAfee Internet Security
    • Nortorn Internet Security
    • Softex Omnipass
    • Update Navi
    Please proceed to the Control Panel -> Programs and Features to uninstall the software listed above.

Windows 8.1 update instructions

(Notes: Actual screen display may be varied from the captured screens)

Once update option is ready and available, you may start the installation procedure from your existing operating system. The detailed process will be described in the below “Update to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store” section.

For non-supported update scenario, clean installation is recommended. The detailed process will be described in the “Clean installation of Windows 8.1” guide.

Update to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store

Open the Windows Store and select the “Update to Windows 8.1” tile, or if you see a notification to “Update to Windows 8.1” you can select the “Go to the Store” button.

  1. From the Windows 8.1 product page, select Download. The download and installation of Windows 8.1 may take 1-2 hours, but you can continue using your PC while downloading.
  2. If asked to take any actions, follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. When prompted to reboot your PC, select the “Restart now” button or wait for Windows to automatically restart.
  4. After Windows restarts, follow any onscreen instructions then sign-in to Windows 8.1

Post-update Steps

After updating your PC to Windows 8.1, Fujitsu recommends that you install a few updates. Please proceed to install all the drivers, utilities and applications.

  1. Installation of the latest Windows Updates from Microsoft
  2. Installation of the drivers and utilities downloaded

    ** NOTE: For the updated Fujitsu MyRecovery (also known as Fujitsu Restore and Recovery), the Recovery Disc burning feature will be limited to ONE time only. Please handle your Recovery Disc with care and keep it safe.
  3. You may refer to Fujitsu Support Page for any update patches. Whenever available, please download and apply the update patch.

After completed installing all drivers, utilities and applications installations, you may visit to Microsoft Windows 8.1 pages to learn more.