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Legacy Modernization

Application Value Assessment

Like any investment portfolio, your organization's portfolio of applications probably contains winners and losers. You want to maximise your investment in the former, minimise the latter, and balance business risk appropriately across the entire portfolio – all without disrupting day-to-day operations. This is a significant challenge. Good application portfolio management requires:

  • Clearly defined connections between investments and outcomes
  • Consistent investment criteria
  • Best practices for ongoing evaluation of investments

Otherwise, all you have is 'leap of faith' investing. You will never truly know how much current support costs could be reduced, or how those savings might be redirected to new initiatives that better support your business strategy.

As time progresses , the technology on which an application is based may become a risk or the functional requirements for the application may extend passed the parameters of it's architecture.

Your organization need to look at it the portfolio of applications and assess what is the most suitable roadmap and what are the feasible methods for undertaking that roadmap.

Why Fujitsu?

Fujtisu Application Value Assessment can be carried out on entire portfolios down to single applications. The assessment looks at all the aspects surrounding the applications from current investment, functionality and issues to the desired future end state. This work is undertaken using both face to face workshop with the stakeholders and tools for examining the applications technical make-up The resulting report gives the organization various options for the future of the applications. This includes such options as:

  • Business as Usual
  • Total rewrite
  • Migration of some or all of the technology
  • Modernization to Cloud Services
  • Decommissioning
  • Front ending
  • Mash up
  • Re Hosting
  • And many others

For each of the viable options we document risk profiles, benefits, estimated cost, timeframes, recommendations and a technical breakdown of the option.

The Application Value Assessment may then be used as part of a business case for your organizations senior management.

Crtical Questions

  • Are your application investments focused on projects with the most immediate impact and greatest payback?
  • Does your business case support decommissioning some applications in order to support new application projects?
  • Do you have a robust technology roadmap to ensure the longevity of your mission critical applications?
  • Do you have a sound business case and plan for rationalising applications and migrating legacy applications to a new environment?
  • Have you minimised your maintenance costs?
  • Do you know the total cost of ownership for your entire applications portfolio?
  • Do you have a plan for optimising your portfolio of applications to support faster rollout of new products?

If you answered 'No' or 'I don't know' to any of these questions please contact us to discuss that advantages that undertaking an Application Value Assessment may bring to your organization.

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