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Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

Fujitsu have created a global legacy modernization offering whose mission is to assist organizations in investigating the various options available to gain the greatest benefit from the investment already made in these applications and to reduce or remove the issues and risks that they are causing the organization.

Once the options have been identified Fujitsu can also help the client in undertaking the modernization option which is most suitable them.

Often Fujitsu find that much of the functionality of an application is still required by an organization, this is because the organization has spent a great deal of money and effort, over a prolonged period of time, building applications that reflect their needs and processes. Issues and risks often derive from the technology on which the applications are based, for instance the technology might be unsupported, it might be difficult to retain skilled technician or the applications might be based on green screen style interfaces that the current generation don’t know how to use.

These issues, and many others, can be resolved by the modernization of the systems without the need to replace them with packages or total rewrites. The result of Fujitsu legacy modernization projects are applications which are in suitable technology and in high quality code, so that they can keep on delivering a return on current and future investment.

Global Capabilities

Fujitsu Global Legacy Modernization offering is base in many countries around the world, these teams all use the same baseline capabilities, partners and skills to undertake Fujitsu’s industrialised set of baseline capabilities. This means that Fujitsu can leverage resources, experience and skills from around the world to assist clients in the successful implementation of a legacy modernization project.

Fujitsu also have a small set of best of breed partners that also assist all of the Fujitsu legacy modernization teams. These partners also have a deep set of skills, tools and techniques that give Fujitsu access to even greater capabilities and allow us to offer several options to move legacy applications forward. From previous experience we believe that our global capabilities are able to migrate in excess of 90% of the legacy modernization technology challenges which are currently prevalent in ICT.

Global Baseline Capability

To find out more about Fujitsu’s global baseline capabilities and also the regional capabilities for your country, please click on the links on this page or download the relevant brochures.

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