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Servers for the New Economy

Fujitsu's servers meet the escalating demand for data processing power and scalability in the LAN server, Internet/Intranet, departmental application and business database markets. Here we offer choice of mission-critical IA servers in PRIMEQUEST, SPARC-based UNIX servers in SPARC Enterprise and Industry standard servers in the PRIMERGY Series.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Industry Standard Servers

Based on industry standard architectures, PRIMERGY servers are the best answer to the do-more-with-less challenge. By helping organizations improve operational efficiency, PRIMERGY servers pay for themselves over and over again.

FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST systems Server PRIMEQUEST systems

Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST offers unprecedented x86 performance and memory expandability for resource-intensive applications. By uniting the x86 industry standards with mission-critical features, PRIMEQUEST delivers availability levels similar to those of UNIX systems — but with the cost advantages of an x86-based architecture.

Fujitsu SPARC Servers

The high performance and high reliability Fujitsu M10 server which surround the latest SPARC64 ™ processor merge numerous hardware and software technologies to provide customers with the most appropriate solution for their ever-growing IT infrastructure.

Server Management

System management ensures that different systems within an enterprise network function economically and securely, allowing for optimal use of system resources.

Infrastructure Management

FUJITSU Software ServerView® Infrastructure Manager(ISM) enables customers to drive towards the path of software defined infrastructure. Enable faster IT service by automating and simplifying infrastructure operations across compute, storage and networking with ServerView Software Infrastructure Manager.