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Job Scheduling

BS2000 job scheduling allows extensive automation of batch processes. This means that job processes must be started automatically at preset times and their results must be monitored completely and promptly. In the case of unexpected results, the system initiates automatically reruns. All entry data, results and interventions are carefully recorded.
Extensive automation of routine activities, simple management of products and cross-platform functions contribute to minimising operating costs and reducing the job error rate.

AVAS (BS2000)

BS2000 job management system allows automation of job production so that dialog entries are reduced to a minimum.

JV (BS2000)

Job variables in BS2000 are data items which enable the exchange of information between individual users or between users and the operating system.

SDF-A (BS2000)

Permits as a supplement to the BS2000 system component SDF the individual processing of command syntax files.

SDF-P (BS2000)

Expands the BS2000 command language to produce a programming language in which structured programming can be performed just as it is using high-level programming languages.