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Productos de software (BS2000/OSD)

Cree la solución empresarial que necesite a partir de nuestra completa oferta; Fujitsu le acompañará en todo momento.

Dynamic Infrastructures
Dynamic Infrastructures es la estrategia de Fujitsu Technology Solutions para proporcionar una completa oferta que permite a nuestros clientes conservar la agilidad y su ventaja empresarial. Para ello, se exigen tecnologías de virtualización, automatización e integración sofisticadas y desarrolladas que BS2000/OSD ha utilizado durante muchos años y evolucionará de forma permanente. Las características de los ordenadores centrales probadas y de confianza (tolerancia a fallos inigualable, excelentes conceptos de seguridad, escalabilidad excepcional y gestión extraordinaria) son más importantes que nunca. Son la base de la reducción del coste total de propiedad por el que es conocido el sistema BS2000/OSD.

Rendimiento y fiabilidad
Gracias al completo conjunto de servicios y funciones, BS2000/OSD ofrece la mejor asistencia posible para las infraestructuras de TI existentes y nuevas. Con sus interfaces abiertas, ofrece integración preparada para el futuro en arquitecturas de aplicaciones modernas. Incluye interfaces estándar abiertas, una tecnología de sistema unificada y software de integración abierta adaptable. La amplia escalabilidad de la plataforma BS2000/OSD, que alcanza intervalos de rendimiento muy altos, garantiza que los clientes de BS2000/OSD puedan responder con flexibilidad a las crecientes exigencias en el rendimiento del sistema general.


Provides audit-proof accounting tools enabling IT operating costs to be billed precisely according to individual users’ resource usage.

BS2000 Operating System

BS2000 OSD/BC is the mainframe operating system for BS2000 Servers. It delivers services of the highest quality for transaction systems and data and extends these quality standards to new applications based on the latest software technologies. It is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions.


The Internet has developed into a central interchange for e-business. Wherever you happen to be in the future – at work, at home or on the road – just log on to the Internet and you are ready for action. Data, voice, audio and video are transmitted over a wide variety of networks, such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and mobile networks (GSM).

Database Systems (BS2000)

Enabling BS2000 systems to reveal their full benefits when supporting the high-performance, highly efficient, secure and economical use of OLTP (online transaction processing) applications.

File Systems

Complement the BS2000 file system with open file systems.

Format Handling

The easy way to create screen masks or build graphical user interfaces.

High Availability (BS2000)

A cluster consists of a number of server systems linked together to perform as a single system. This ensures scalability and the high availability of applications or services in the event of failures or planned downtime.

Integration / Innovation App Desk Services

The openSEAS middleware solution integrates applications across the enterprise and gives all BS2000 applications access to the internet, including via mobile devices.

Internet Services

Selected interoperability features and optimized e-mail standards in accordance with data communication systems.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling allows extensive automation of batch processes to minimise operating costs and to reduce the job error rate.

Performance Management

Analyzes and optimizes load distribution, use of disk space and the flexibility of the system.

Print Management

Provides all the necessary services for building an enterprise-wide, cross-platform printing solution.

Programming Systems

Are the foundations for the efficient running of modern business-critical applications on BS2000 systems.

Security Management

Provides sophisticated security strategies for the Dynamic Data Center.

SNMP management

Supports cost-effective and efficient management of disparate systems in a corporate network.

Storage Management

Permits the best possible benefit to be drawn from the handling and use of connected storage media. A comprehensive software portfolio offering optimally integrated and coordinated solutions.

System Control

Includes products for supporting and automating operating control of the system.


IT solutions necessitate the balanced interaction of hardware, software, methodology and expertise. It is only in this combination that the customer can be offered a satisfactory overall solution. IT solutions with different tools or utilities can be adapted very flexibly to customer-specific demands.

Virtualization (VM2000)

The virtualization of BS2000 with VM2000 leads to reduced IT costs for the organization through increased efficiency, flexibility and response capability, and enables optimal use of system resources