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Procurement Policy

Fujitsu Oceania is committed to the highest ethical, environmental, safety and quality standards within our business and in how we engage with our suppliers.

Fujitsu Oceania procures products and services based on the following procurement policies:

  1. Fujitsu Oceania Procurement Policy
  2. Fujitsu Global Procurement Policy
  3. Fujitsu Global CSR Supply Chain Guideline 
  4. Fujitsu Global Green Procurement Policy 
  5. Fujitsu Oceania Sustainability Policies

Fujitsu Oceania conducts business in a manner that is consistent with these policies and guideline and requires the same level of compliance and behaviour from all suppliers subject to the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries where the business is carried out.

Our approach to Responsible Procurement:

  • Ongoing optimisation of procurement efforts to drive cost savings
  • Alignment of procurement activities with business unit plans
  • Ensure ethical, social and environmental considerations in all procurement efforts
  • Achieve Green Procurement targets set by Fujitsu Ltd within cost parameters
  • Develop mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • Satisfy customer requirements with regards to purchasing.

Fujitsu’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses:

supplyNation_Member Fujitsu proactively seeks to procure products and services from suppliers that are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned, managed and controlled. With this we aim to generate value within our supply chain, increase opportunities for suppliers who have traditionally been under-represented in our community and meet Australia Government requirements. As such we have targets in place for Indigenous enterprise representation in our supply chain.

Fujitsu is a member of Supply Nation, giving us access to Indigenous businesses that are currently part of the Supply Nation network and utilise this service for sourcing Indigenous suppliers.

Health & Safety:

Keeping our people safe is essential to the way we do business at Fujitsu and we are committed to ensuring there are adequate controls in place to eliminate or mitigate risks associated with purchasing or supplying goods and to reduce the likelihood of introducing new or additional hazards into the workplace associated with purchasing or hiring goods.