Retail technology - Point of Service Solutions (PoS)

With expectations rising all the time, in-store staff need the tools to provide excellent service from the moment customers walk through the door. Fujitsu’s latest Point of Service (PoS) and mobile store solutions are helping retailers rise to the challenge. Supported by industry-leading hardware, networking and support, Fujitsu is providing the supporting PoS infrastructure retailers need to deliver connected, cost-effective and high-availability in-store applications.

Connected Retail - Customer 360 live

The digital transformation also has a profound impact on the retail sector: Customers today are better informed than ever, more consciously choose trade channels and make purchasing decisions more flexible.

How can you react to this and connect the individual channels efficiently? How do you skillfully combine the online business with stationary trading processes?

Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One PoS for Retail

The Fujitsu TP8 family of 15” / 18” All-in-One (AIO) and Modular Point of Service (PoS) solutions are available with a wide variety of Processor, Memory and Storage options to ensure maximum feature / functionality / price fit for each retailer’s unique requirements.

Based on 6th Generation Intel processors, for full legacy application compatibility or 7th Generation for maximum performance, TP8 provides a future-proof platform for Fujitsu and third-party applications. With a common motherboard between AIO and Modular, along with simple to change display panels, TP8 delivers a market-leading level of flexibility, serviceability and reliability for lowest TCO.


Fujitsu TP8 All-in-One Point of Service Terminal

The TP8 All-In-One (AIO) PoS terminal is a point-of-service solution for retailers who want the best performance, functionality, reliability, serviceability, and maximum ROI to create an attractive world-class shopping environment. The TP8 PoS is a family of AIO and Modular systems, sharing key parts so the same software image runs on both, for flexible deployment and reduced support costs.

Fujitsu TP8 Modular Point of Service Controller

The TP8 Modular controller is designed for Point of Service installation which require a large number of connected peripherals. With its high capacity 300W internal power-supply, it can support and power a full range of peripherals typically required in a grocery environment - without the need for additional power bricks and associated AC outlets. This simplifies installation, reduces energy costs and lowers TCO.



Fujitsu TP8 15” & 18.5” Capacitive Touchscreen Displays

The TP8 displays incorporates a ten-point multi-touch projected capacitive sensor. This provides for a bright display and enables a user, with appropriate application and operating system support, to manipulate an image on screen with a range of gestures similar to those employed on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets.

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