Digital Transformation for Local Government

Local governments are under pressure do more for less, with limited resources making it a challenge to tackle an endless list of complex problems.

While change is often challenging, it offers many opportunities to optimise internal processes, reduce costs, and roll out new public services. By co-creating with the right technology partner, local authorities can maximize their digital investments by strategically leveraging new technologies, as well as data and advanced analytics to optimize policies, programs, payments, and systems.

Local Government Insights

Citizen Z – Fujitsu’s vision for Government

With local governments really embracing the idea of digital citizenship, making public services citizen-centric and putting services online, how can government ensure that they’re protecting and sharing citizen data securely?

Fujitsu’s vision for the future of government services is to place citizens in control of their own data – This is Citizen Z.

Find out more about our vision of Citizen Z »

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