The FUJITSU Smart Factory Approach

Fujitsu will help you to create a Smart Factory environment by analysing and understanding your situation while focusing on your business requirements. As your strategic partner we will be creating a Digital Roadmap together with you, helping you achieve your business goals by integrating different business applications, platforms and network infrastructure so that you can improve plant productivity, maintenance and safety more effectively.

Cutting-edge technology to increase productivity, ensure safety and reduce operational costs

Start your journey to a smart factory with digitized inspection, and handover the knowledge to the next generation.
Command, supervise and support worker efficiency. Enable engineers in the field to be supported by centrally based experts.
  • Digitalized Inspection Solutions
    With TeraSpection and Head Mounted Displays (HMD), you can inspect your plant and update data realtime, and get efficient remote assistance from experts.
  • Contractor Management Solutions
    Visualize and manage contractor performance, and respond effectively to safety incidents when they occur.
  • IT/OT Integration Solutions
    Improve preventive maintenance with centralized monitoring, resulting in fewer breakdowns and spare parts

Improve Productivity & OEE
Digitalized Inspection Solutions
  • Voice/ Video/ Web Conference
  • TeraSpection
  • Head Mounted Displays
Use Cases
  • Digital collaboration within a factory
  • Efficiency by collecting data with QR / AR
  • Expert remote support from anywhere
  • Improve effective maintenance with guidance

Asset Performance and Safety
Contractor Management System
  • Contractor Profile Management
  • Real Time Location Tracking System
  • Vital Band for Personal Safety
Use Cases
  • Identify and supervise contractors to enhance safety
  • Matching of work order and skill set in work area
  • Authorization and notification for restricted zones
  • Safety monitoring device enablement for workers in hazardous environments
  • Billing leakage prevention
  • Increase productivity of contractors

Effective Maintenance
IT/OT Integration Solutions
Use Cases
  • Visualise and monitors the status of the production lines in real time
  • Display important key performance indicators and analyze to achieve better productivity and efficiency

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