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Thought Leadership

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand is committed to being a global leader in sustainability. That is, to harness the power of ICT innovations and solutions to the benefit of society as a whole.

Promoting the power of ICT to enable environmental, social and economic benefits

Fujitsu are proud supporters of the GeSI SMARTer2030 Report - 'ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges'.

This report finds that as ICT becomes faster and more accessible, it generates more economic, environmental and social benefits. It quantifies the economic opportunities created by the adoption of ICT solutions, as well as its potential contribution to decoupling economic growth and carbon emissions.

Fujitsu partnered with Telstra to build on the global SMARTer2030 findings and develop a clear path towards reduced carbon emissions and a strong and sustainable economy for all Australians. This Australian report focuses on eight industry sectors and provides innovative opportunities that ICT can help reduce carbon emissions by 190 million tonnes a year by 2030.

Australian SMARTer2030 Report

SMARTer2030 Report: Australian Opportunity for ICT Enabled Emission Reductions

Fujitsu and Telstra are proud to present SMARTer 2030 which provides Australia a pathway to a low-carbon, sustainable, equitable and more prosperous future. Discover more...

Ge SI SMATer2030 Report

GeSI SMARTer2030 Report - ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

Fujitsu is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of GeSI Smarter2030, which demonstrates the unique and vital role which can be played by ICT in achieving sustainable development. Discover more…

Sustainable Data Centres

Fujitsu partnered with NABERS, an Australian government initiative, with the aim of bringing about greater transparency, accountability and assurance to a data centre energy efficiency claims.

Thousands of data centres across Australia now have a tangible incentive to have their performance rated because customers will increasingly expect emissions to be at industry standard levels or better.

Leading the way has been Fujitsu, which initially consulted on the development of the standard and is proud to have the first data centre rated and to have achieved the first portfolio rating in Australia.

Fujitsu and their customer Australia Post explain why they value NABERS Energy for data centre ratings.

ICT Sustainability Leadership

ICT Benchmark 2014

Fujitsu ICT Sustainability: Australia Benchmark 2014

The 2014 Australia Benchmark Report takes a critical, whole-of-system view into key areas of the ICT supply chain.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

How Fujitsu is putting the UN Sustainable Development Goals into practice

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Getting Smart with eWaste at Fujitsu

Getting Smart with eWaste at Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s approach to managing the world’s fastest growing solid waste stream.
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Conserving Biodiversity with Technology’

Conserving Biodiversity with Technology

Fujitsu uses drones and AI to detect endangered species for conservation.

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