• Building “trust” in society through innovative technologies

    Hirotaka Hara
    CEO and Representative Director

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed both society and the economy, establishing what we have come to accept as the new normal. It has triggered huge waves of change that will continue to impact on society and business, requiring us all to find new ways to adapt.

Fujitsu has announced its commitment to transform from a traditional IT company into a DX (digital transformation) company, applying innovative digital technology to revolutionize our customers' businesses. As a DX company, Fujitsu’s raison d'être is very clear with a defined purpose: “to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation". As the core organization responsible for the Fujitsu Group's R & D strategy, Fujitsu Laboratories plays a central role in creating the cutting-edge technologies needed to achieve this objective.

“Trust” is the key element involved in realizing our purpose. It is the single most important and valuable principle that we offer to our customers. In a world where everything is connected through digital technology, “trust” underpins every service and product that we create, going far beyond the concept of reliability alone.

The elements of trust are intricately interrelated and widely distributed in both the physical world and cyberspace. Fujitsu Laboratories believes that cyberspace is where we will increasingly work to ensure trust, and that digital technologies will become the agents of trust in every respect. In line with the paradigm shift taking place in the world, Fujitsu Laboratories has recently established its mid-term R&D vision as “Digital Trust”. We are working to facilitate the shift smoothly through advanced technologies that will enable us to ensure the crucial concept of trust in society. We have already achieved some remarkable results enroute to attaining this vision, including creating Wide Learning as trustworthy and explainable AI, and multi-biometrics contactless authentication that is both hygienic and privacy-friendly. We will continue to expand our R&D activities still further.

Fujitsu Laboratories is engaged in R & D on a global basis, and our multinational research team is drawn from four centers around the world. Our experts work closely with world-class universities and research organizations, such as the University of Toronto in Canada, which is internationally recognized in the field of quantum computing and AI. In France, we work in collaboration with INRIA, a global research organization in the field of mathematical science, as well as with the OSS community, such as Hyperledger (a blockchain technology promotion community), to develop leading technologies. Exchanges between world-class researchers encourage the emergence of new ideas that will eventually become cutting-edge technologies. Our research approach at Fujitsu Laboratories is inspired by this process of collaboration and co-creation.

As we all come to terms with what the new normal actually entails, Fujitsu Laboratories will remain firmly focused on finding new ways to contribute to the world’s sustainable development - supporting the realization of Fujitsu's objectives and fundamental purpose with trailblazing, cutting-edge technology.


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