Fujitsu ETERNUS Management Pack for VMware Aria Operations (hereinafter referred to as "this software") is program designed to monitor and analyze the configuration and performance of ETERNUS AF/ETERNUS DX (herein after called ETERNUS) in VMware Aria Operations (formerly vRealize Operations) environment.

Application of this software provides information of configuration and performance of ETERNUS to VMware Aria Operations in order to monitor and analyze storage resources in VMware vSphere environment.

Following products are required to use this software.

  • VMware Aria Operations (vRealize Operations)
  • ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser

For support of this software, please contact to technical support for ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser.


  • Information display of ETERNUS
    Information of ETERNUS is collected periodically by conceptual modelling of object [1], metrics and relationship. VMware Aria Operations displays the collected information after processing.
  • Fujitsu original dashboards
    Three of Fujitsu original dashboards are added to screen of VMware Aria Operations. Fujitsu original dashboards allow storage administrators to monitor health, performance and capacity metrics. Each dashboard presents VMware side object such as DATA STORE and ETERNUS side object LUN and their relationship visually. And metrics per each object such as Read IOPS are displayed in graphs.
  • Alerts collection and information display
    VMware Aria Operations detects change in state of CM, physical disks and LUN in ETERNUS and displays alerting information on the screen.


All-Flash Arrays ETERNUS AF150 S3
ETERNUS AF250 S3/AF250 S2/AF250
ETERNUS AF650 S3/AF650 S2/AF650
Hybrid Storage Systems ETERNUS DX100 S5/ DX100 S4/ DX100 S3 [2]
ETERNUS DX200 S5/ DX200 S4/ DX200 S3 [2]
ETERNUS DX500 S5/ DX500 S4/ DX500 S3 [2]
ETERNUS DX600 S6/DX600 S5/DX600 S4/ DX600 S3 [2]
ETERNUS DX900 S6/ DX900 S5
ETERNUS DX8900 S6/ DX8900 S4/ DX8900 S3
OS Microsoft® Windows Server ® 2022
Microsoft® Windows Server ® 2019
Microsoft® Windows Server ® 2016
VMware Aria Operations 8.12, 8.14, 8.16 (Advanced/Enterprise Edition)
VMware vRealize Operations 8.0,8.1,8.2,8.3[3],8.4[3],8.5[3],8.6[3],8.10[3]
(Advanced/Enterprise Edition) [4]
ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser[5] V16.4, V16.5, V16.6, V16.7, V16.8, V16.9

As of June 10, 2024


Program and Document Size Release Date
V1.3.0 Fujitsu ETERNUS Management Pack for VMware Aria Operations V1.3.0[6][7]
(ETERNUS VMware Support Package (Version 039.002.000))
md5checksum: 24cfe2f4a668e40efdaf7dbbb2f65cc8
133MB June 10, 2024
- User's Guide
- Release Note
- Conditions of use for open source software
3,217KB June 10, 2024
V1.2.3 ETERNUS Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations V1.2.3[6]
(ETERNUS VMware Support Package (Version 039.001.000))
md5checksum: d2fa79b6a41b13164357e6a49a7550f3
124MB December 21, 2022
- User's Guide
- Release Note
- Conditions of use for open source software
5,091KB December 21, 2022

[1] Objects for ETERNUS are CM, physical disks and LUN.
[2] Installation of firmware V10L32 or later is required.
[3] FIPS mode is supported by ETERNUS Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations V1.2.2 or later.
[4] This software works only on Virtual Appliance version of VMware vRealize Operations.
[5] Installation of the latest patch is required.
[6] This software is bundled with ETERNUS VMware Support Package.
[7] V1.3.0 requires ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser V16.9 or later and the latest patch.