This Library Driver file is provided for using ETERNUS LT20 S2/LT40 S2/LT60 S2/LT140/LT260 with Quest NetVault Backup 12.x.
Download is free.
For use of Library Driver file (hereinafter called "this file"), Fujitsu requires that you agree with the following "Conditions of use".
Using this file means the following conditions are agreed, so please desist from downloading if you don't agree.

Conditions of use

Please ensure that the following usage conditions are met when using this file.
Do not use this file if you cannot observe these use conditions.

  1. This file can be used only with the target model.
  2. This file cannot be redistributed.
  3. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this file.
  4. Any copyright mark concerning this software may not be revoked.
  5. Any damage occurring following use of this software is at your own risk, Fujitsu will not assume any responsibility for operational problems.


Fujitsu Limited owns copyrights on this file.


This file is compressed in a zip file, Library Driver definition file will be expanded by decompressing.

Product Device driver (Release Date) firmware (Version) File name (Size)
ETERNUS LT20 S2 2017-V1(2017/01/22) V02.L13(2.31) (ZIP file/113KB)
ETERNUS LT40 S2 2017-V1(2017/01/22) V02.L16(5.11) (ZIP file/113KB)
ETERNUS LT60 S2 2017-V1(2017/01/22) V02.L16(5.11) (ZIP file/113KB)
ETERNUS LT140 2017-V1(2017/01/22) V10L01(1.0.0-D.000) (ZIP file/113KB)
ETERNUS LT260 2017-V1(2017/01/22) V10L24(7.80) (ZIP file/113KB)

Device Driver Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the downloaded device driver file to the any location on the server and unzip it.
  2. Open "Device Manager" and select [Unknown Media Changer].
  3. Right-click and select [updating driver software].
  4. Select [Browse your computer for driver software].
  5. Select the unzipped folder by [Search for driver software in].
  6. Click [Next].
  7. When the driver update results appear, click [Close].
  8. Reboot the server.